Chapter 11a - Gases

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  1. What are the properties of gases?
    pressure, volume, and amount of gas present
  2. Pressure exerted by a gas depends on what three entities?
    volume, temperature, and the number of molecules present
  3. What is pressure?
    is defined as the force per unit area on a surface
  4. What is the unit for measuring for measuring force?
    N-newton: It is the force that will increase the speed of a one-kilogram mass by one meter per secind each second that the force is applied
  5. What constitutes atmospheric pressure?
    Atmospheric pressure is the sum of the individual pressures of various gases in the atmosphere
  6. What is the purpose for a barometer?
    to measure atmospheric pressure
  7. What measures an enclosed gas sample?
    mercury barometer
  8. What are the units for measuring pressure and their equivalence?
    • Pa- pascal
    • milimeter of mercury - mmttg
    • atmosphere - af-m
    • pounds per square in. -psi
  9. What are the conditions for standard temperature and pressure (STP)?
    For purposes of comparison, scientists have agreed on standard conditions of exactly 1 atm pressure and 0 degrees celsius.
  10. What does Dalton's law of partial pressure state? What is the formula?
    • The total pressure if a gas mixture is the sum of the partial pressures of the component gases
    • Formula: PT= P1+P2+P3
  11. What is the formula for atmospheric pressure?
    Patm = Pgas+PH2O
  12. What does the term gas law mean?
    mathematical relationships between the volume, temperature, pressure and amount of gas
  13. What does Charles's law state? What is the fomula?
    The volume of a fixed gas at constant pressure varies directly with the Kelvin temperature
  14. What is absolute zero? What is the value of it?
    -275 degrees Celsius is absolute zero and is given the value zero on the Kelvin state
  15. How do you find degrees Kelvin?
    V = KT
  16. What does Gay-Lussac's Law state? What is the formula?
    • The pressure of a fixed mass of gas at constant value varies directly with the Kelvin temperature
    • Formula: P = KT
  17. What does the combined gas law state? What is its formula?
    expresses the relationship between pressure, volume, and temperature of a fixed amount of gas (PV)/T = K
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