Chapter 11b - Gases

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  1. What does Gay-Lussac's law of combining gases state?
    At constant pressure, the volumes of gaseous reactants and products can be expressed as ratios if the small whole numbers
  2. What does Avogadro's law state?
    Equal volumes of gases at the swuare temperature and pressure contain equal numbers of molecules
  3. What is standard molar volume of a gas? What is the value?
    The volume occupied by one mole of a gas of STP (it has been found to be 22.41410 L)
  4. What are the two calculations that can be made?
    22.41410 or 22.4 L
  5. What is the ideal gas law?
    is the mathematical relationship among pressure, volume, temperature, and the number of moles in a gas
  6. What is the equation for the ideal gas law? What does each variable mean?
    • PV = nRT
    • R- is a constant
    • P - pressure
    • V - volume
    • T - temperature
    • n - number of moles
  7. What is the ideal gas constant? What are the units?
    • 0.0821 L*atm/(mol *K)
  8. What does Graham's law of effusion state?
    The rates of effusion of gases at the same temperature and pressure are inversely proportional to the square roots of their molar masses
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