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  1. Genre
    Type or Kind
  2. Climax
    The Most Exciting Part of a Story
  3. Setting
    Where a Story Takes Place
  4. Conflict
    Problem or Struggle
  5. Denoument
    Events that occur after the resolution of the story
  6. Impromptu
  7. Tentatively
    In an uncertain or hesitant way
  8. Intently
    With Close attention
  9. Brittle
    Ready to Break
  10. Ominous
  11. Stoop
    Small porch at the entrance of a house
  12. Tenement
    Large apartment building with only basic amenities
  13. Foreshadowing
    use of clues that suggests what might happen
  14. Tone
    the writers attitude toward the subject
  15. Mood
    the feeling created in the reader
  16. Theme
    main message or lesson to be learned
  17. Allusion
    a reference to someone or something well-known
  18. Symbol
    something that represents something else
  19. Arsonist
    A person who willfully sets a fire
  20. Catastophic
    causing widespread damagae or death
  21. Conflagration
    large fire that causes a great deal of damage
  22. Extinguish
    put out a fire or light
  23. Flammable
    able to catch fire
  24. Incinerate
    Burn thoroughly to destroy
  25. Inferno
    a very large fire burning unconrollably
  26. Urban
    in or from a city
  27. Urbanization
    Cause to be like a city
  28. Surburban
    from the outskirts of a city
  29. City
    center of population larger than a town
  30. Citify
    make a place more urban
  31. Metropolitan
    being from the main city
  32. Metropolis
    the main city
  33. Rafter
    a beam that supports a roof
  34. Raucous
    Loud, hoares, harsh-sounding noise
  35. Trillium
    A lilly-like plant with 3 leaves and 3 petals
  36. Marsh
    Soggy, wet area of land
  37. Cattail
    Marsh plant with a long brown top (corn dog thing)
  38. Killdeer
    a small bird with a shrill cry
  39. Barren
    Area producing no vegetation
  40. Rural
    Found in the country
  41. Agrarian
    Relating to farming or rural life
  42. Agriculture
  43. Hamlet
    small village
  44. Village
    Rural community smaller than a town
  45. Country
    farmed or undeveloped area
  46. Countryside
    Rural land
  47. Rustic
    plain, simple, or rough
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