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  1. Proguanil
    • USED:
    • prophylactic & sporozoite suppressive of P.falciparum
    • P. vivax acute attacks

    w/ atovaquone for chloroquine resistant falciparum
  2. Primaquine
    • USED:
    • latent form of P. vivax & P. ovale

    CONTRA: G6PD deficiency
  3. Drugs against the asexual erythrocytic stage of blood schizonticides
    • chloroquine
    • quinine
    • quinidine
    • mefloquine
    • doxycycline
    • artemisinin
  4. P. Falciparum
    Chloroquine sensitive
    • Prophylaxis & treatment:
    • chloroquine & phosphate
  5. P. falciparum
    chloroquine & multidrug resistant
    Prophylaxis: mefloquine/ doxycycline

    • TX: quinidine gluconate
    • pyrimethamine sulfadixoxide
  6. P. falciparum
    drug resistant nonimmune
    • TX: quinidine gluconate & antifolate
    • artesunate
  7. P. malariae
    chloroquine sensitive
    TX: chloroquine phosphate
  8. P. vivax & P. ovale
    Chloroquine sensitive
    • chloroquine phosphate
    • primaquine phosphate
  9. Chloroquine
    USED: P. vivax, ovale, uncomplicated falciparum in the intraerythrocytic form

    MOA: inhibits Haem polymerization

    Resistance: transporter & efflux pump

    • *** Safe in pregnancy
    • *** P. vivax resistance
  10. Quinine & Quinidine
    Used: gametocidal for P. vivax & malariae

    MOA: inhibit Haem polymerization

    Resistance: pfmdr1

    Toxicity: tinnitus, visual, N/V, hypoglycemia, thrombocytopenia (heart toxic)

    CONTRA: pregnancy
  11. Antifolate
    Pyrimethamine and sulfadioxine combo

    MOA: inhibit parasite DHF reductase
  12. Metronidazole
    Used: entamoeba histolytica & intestinal flagellates

    MOA: prodrug that deprives anaerobes of reducing equivalents

    A/E : metallic aftertaste
  13. Nifurtimox
    USED: acute Chagas disease

    MOA: intracellular reduction -> auto-oxidation

    A/E: seizures and polyneuritis
  14. Sodium stilbogluconate
    USED: visceral leishmaniasis
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