Moral Philosophy

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  1. Kantian term for an absolute and universal moral demand or obligation founded on reasoning
    Categorical Imperative
  2. Philosophical movement that emphasizes women's moral experience and feminist thought which, it argues, has been ignored or devalued by traditional ethical systems
    Feminist Ethics
  3. The capacity to impose moral law on oneself
    Moral Autonomy
  4. Philosophic theory that ideas are insturments of response and adaptation to a given situation, and that their truth is to be judged in terms of their effectiveness
  5. Ethical theory that the greatest good for the greatest number should be the only criterion for moral decisions
  6. Political philosophy which emphasizes personal and individual liberty above collective social interests
  7. Principle that people should be treated in the same way unless there is a relevant difference between them
    Principle of Equal treatment
  8. theory that people should give up some of their natural rights to a government in exchange for social order
    Social Contract Theory
  9. Ethical system that judges a moral action by its outcomes or results
  10. Mental device to enable individuals to develop a standard of justice while remaining ignorant of their own place in or value in this imagined society
    Veil of Ignorance
  11. Philosophical doctrine that says all knowledge is derived from our senses
  12. Kierkegaard's notion that belief in god requires us to overcome any rational doubts and embrace faith
    Leap of Faith
  13. View that morality is culturally determined and consquently there is no objective moral rule or law that is universally correct
    Cultural Relativism
  14. Acting for the sake of others, even when it means sacrificing self-interest
  15. PHilosophical movement that emphasizes personal experience, choice, freedom, and responsibility and sees the individual as a moral free agent
  16. Theory that the truth or meaning of an idea or a proposition lies in its observable practical consequences
  17. Ethical system that emphasizes fidelity to principle and duty over the consequences of a moral action
    duty-driven ethic
  18. Philosophical belief that acting in your own self-interest is moral
    ethical egoism
  19. Descriptive theory that argues that humans naturally pursue whatever aligns with their best self-interest
    Psychological Egoism
  20. Common values or ethical beliefs required for a society or community to survive and function that apply across all cultures
    Universal Values
  21. Kantian term for actions conditioned on some goal or desire
    Hypothetical imperatives
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