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  1. Joshua was written to...
    show the surpassing value of obedience
  2. Judges was written to...
    vindicate Israel's need for a King
  3. The three offices that Samuel held were...
    1) prophet 2) priest 3) judge
  4. Hannah promised God that...
    if God gave her a son, that she would give him back to God
  5. Books of Samuel trace...
    early history of israel's monarchy
  6. 2nd Samuel is devoted to...
    describing the major events of David's kingship
  7. Books of Kings detailed...
    the history of the monarchy from Solomon to the fall of Jerusalem
  8. Historical Books that come from the postexilic period are...
    Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther
  9. Chronicles retells the stories of...
    David, Solomon, and the kingdom of Judah, accounts already know from Samuel and Kings
  10. Ezra and Nehemiah present the events of the...
    Restoration in the middle of the 5th century BC
  11. two things were built after the Jews returned from exile, they were...
    the temple and the walls of jerusalem
  12. 5th century greak historian who earned title of "father of history' was...
  13. According to the Jewish Canon, the books Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings...
    comprise the "former Prophets"
  14. scholars who view Genesis-Joshua as one literary unit call it...
  15. Tetrateuch is...
  16. Deuteronomistic history comprised of...
    Deuteronomy-2 Kings but not Ruth
  17. Esther demonstrates...
    How God's osveriegn care and protection extends to His people
  18. Herem means...
    spoil of war
  19. who are the two foreign women in the lineage of Christ?
    Rahab and Ruth
  20. what are teh 3 tribes that stayed on Jordan's east side?
    Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh
  21. two covenent memorials celebrated in Joshua five were...
    circumsision and passover
  22. Joshua's 3 point strategy for conquering the Promised land was...
    central, southern, and northern land
  23. Who requested Mt. Hebron for his inheritance?
  24. what happens each year due to the sacrifice of Jepthah's daughter?
    the young women of Israel go out for four days in commemoration of that event
  25. what did the tribes of Reuban, Gad, and manasseh due when they reached the Jordan river?
    built a large alter
  26. What is the cycle that occurs in Judges?
    Sin, Sorrow, suffering/repentance, judge, salvation, rest
  27. who were the judges?
    charismatic military leaders whom God raised up and empowered for specific tasks of deliverance
  28. Judges records is the...
    darkest period in history of Israel
  29. Who delivered Mesopetamia?
  30. who is Othniel?
    Deliverer of Mesopotamia and brother of Caleb
  31. who delivered Moab?
  32. who is Ehud?
    deliverer for Moab and was left handed
  33. who delivered Canaan?
  34. who was Deborah?
    deliverer of Canaan and female judge
  35. who delivered Midian?
  36. who was Gideon?
    deliverer of Midian and tested God's will by signs (fleece)
  37. who delivered Amon?
  38. who was Jepthah?
    deliverer of Amon and made a rash vow
  39. who delivered Philistines?
  40. who was Samson?
    deliverer of Philistines and liked to tell riddles
  41. What book and chapter is the Hall of Faith in which those people came out of te Judges?
    Hebrew 11
  42. Ruth is literary masterpiece and is categorized as...
    idyll, or simple description of rustic life
  43. who was Boaz in Ruth?
  44. Ruth shows that God's covenant is not limited by any boundaries of...
    national, racial, or gender
  45. Eli's two boys were...
    Hophni and Phinehas
  46. What 3 things did Hophni and Phinehas do wrong?
    • 1) used sacrificial system for own gain
    • 2) committed gross sexual sins
    • 3) refused to heed their father's warnings
  47. United Kingdom included reigns of...
    Saul, David, and Solomon
  48. David was annointed 3 times...
    • 1) private ceremony by Samuel at Jesse's house
    • 2) over tribe of Judah
    • 3) over whole house of Israel
  49. Saul did what 4 things wrong?
    • 1) sacrificed without Samuel
    • 2) goes to battle without God's blessings
    • 3) proclaimed a fast at wrong time
    • 4) spares the Amalekites
  50. who was captain of Saul's army?
  51. who was captain of David's army?
  52. what occured on 931 BC?
    Dvision of the United Kingdom
  53. What occured on 722 BC
    Fall of Samaria
  54. What occured on 586 BC?
    Fall of Jerusalem
  55. who conquered the northern kingdom?
  56. who conquered the southern kingdom?
  57. what book does God's name never appear?
  58. who is the greatest son of David?
    Jesus Christ
  59. the author of Chronicles wa smost interested in...
    the Davidic list of kings, the city of Jerusalem, and the temple of God's instruments of salvation
  60. Ezra and Nehemiah are studied together because...
    • 1) they appear to come from single author or editor
    • 2) deal with same general time period and are roughly sequential
    • 3) are combined as one book in the Jewish canon
  61. Who was Ezra?
    Levite and reformer
  62. who was Nehemiah?
    governor commissioned by King Artexerxes
  63. what was the year and describe first way of Jews returning form exile
    539 BC - 50,000 build alter, Temple
  64. what was the year and describe second wave of jews returning from exile...
    457 BC - Exra and 1800 Jews return
  65. what was the year and describe third wave of Jews returning from exile...
    444 BC - Nehemiah returns
  66. Esther is a romantic novel written...
    as a short story
  67. Ezra, nehemiah and Esther have common origin in the...
    Persian period of Jewish history
  68. cities of refuge were established to protect those who...
    accidentally killed someone
  69. David struggles with Saul with 5 major events...
    • 1) David and Jonathan are BFFs
    • 2) Saul became fanatical in his determination to kill David
    • 3) David took extreme measure to prove his loyatly to Saul
    • 4) David met and married Abigail
    • 5) David, utterly frustrated, joinged the Philistines
  70. where did David move the capital to?
  71. what did David move the captial to Jerusalem?
    better located, and would ease politcal problems because it was within Benjamite territory and had good water supply
  72. foreign wives of Solomon influenced him to...
    compromise and add worship of other gods to monotheism
  73. when god first appeared to Solomon...
    Solomon requested wisdom and this pleased God since he didnt ask for riches or long life
  74. what kind of heart did Saul have for God? David? Solomon?
    • Saul = no heart
    • David = whole heart
    • Solomon = 1/2 heart
  75. What was Israel destroyed?
    people broke God's statutes and commandments, and followed worthless idols, and became worthless themselves
  76. when Jerusalem was destroyed...
    Judah began a period of Babylonian exile
  77. two important theological themes are found in kings. They are...
    • 1) presents history of Israel form viewpoint of Mosaic covenant
    • 2) prophecy has a significant role
  78. Chronicles is considered to be...
    first biblical commentary
  79. Chronicles used the...
    primary sources of Samuel and Kings
  80. King Cyprus of Persia captured Babylon and and issued a decree that...
    released the Jews from exile
  81. Jewish Feast of Purim originated because of the way...
    God saved Mordecai from Haman
  82. Judges has 12 judges...
    six major and six minor
  83. themes of Joshua are...
    • 1) transition of power from Moses to Joshua
    • 2) conquest and division of Canaan
    • 3) God's faithfullness to his promises
  84. Bethlehem means...
    house of bread
  85. themes of Chronicles are...
    • 1) David and His dynasty
    • 2) temple and worship fo God
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