Alterations in Immunity: Osteoarthritis

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  1. What is an osteophyte?
    a bone spur
  2. What is osteoarthritis?
    the progressive deterioration and loss of cartilage in one or more joints (articular cartilage).
  3. What is connective tissue disease (CTD)?
    the major focus of rheumatology, the study of rheumatic disease.
  4. What is rheumatic disease?
    any disease or condition involving the musculoskeletal system.
  5. What does arthritis mean?
    inflammation of one or more joints
  6. Is arthritis systemic
  7. Is osteoarthritis an autoimmune disease?
  8. What is synovitis
    inflammation of the synovial fluid in the joint
  9. What is subluxation?
    partial joint dislocation
  10. What is Crepitus?
    a continuous grating sensation caused by irregular cartilage; may be felt or heard as the joint goes through range of motion.
  11. What is Heberden's nodes?
    Nodes (knots) at the distal interphalanges joints of the hands.
  12. What is Bouchard's nodes?
    Nodes (knots/ bumps) at the proximal interphalangeal joints of the hands.
  13. What is Joint Effusion?
    Excess joint fluid that is common when the knees are involved.
  14. What are two lab test done to help detect osteoarthritis?
    Erythrocyte sedimenation rate and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein
  15. What types of nonsurgical management is taken to help with osteoarthritis pain?
    analgesics, rest, positioning, thermal modalities, weight control, and integrative therapies.
  16. What's the primary drug of choice for chronic pain in osteoarthritis
    • Acetominophen (Tylenol) even though it is not an anti-inflammatory medication.
    • Note patient are at risk for liver damage if they take more than 4000mg daily, have alcoholism, or have liver disease.
  17. NSAIDs is not the drug class of choice if acetaminophen and topical agents do not relieve pain. True/ False
  18. What must be done prior to starting NSAID therapy?
    Lab test: CBC and kidney and liver function test.
  19. What is the first NSAID choice?
    Celebrex, unless the patient has hypertension, renal disease, and/ or cardiovascular disease.
  20. What are the different type of rest used to help treat osteoarthritis?
    Local, Systemic, and Psychological
  21. What is local rest?
    immobilizing a joint with a splint or brace. This is done if the joint becomes acutely inflamed.
  22. What is Systemic Rest?
    immobilizing the entire body (for example, during a nap, getting at least 8-10hrs of sleep and possibly another hour during the day (nap)).
  23. What is Psychological Rest?
    Rest/ releief that allows one from the daily stresses of life that can enhance pain.
  24. How should patients be taught to position themselves
    in the joint functional position.
  25. How does heat help with pain?
    Heat may help decrease the muscle tension around the tender joint and thereby decreases pain.
  26. What are the most widely used nonprescription supplements taken to decrease pain?
    Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  27. What are two components used in total hip arthroplasty (THA)?
    Acetabular and femoral component
  28. What type of prosthesis is most often usedn in THA?
    non-cemented prosthesis
  29. What lab tests are done to test for anemia post THA?
    Hemoglobin and Hematocrit (H&H)
  30. If a patient gets a cemented prosthesis for a THA, can it cause the patients blood pressure to drop causing hypotension?
    yes; the cement can dilate the blood vessels and cause hypotension?
  31. What is a CPM machine and what is it used for?
    The CPM machine is the continuous passive motion machine which increases joint mobility and may prevent scar tissue.
  32. When getting a patient out of bed that had a THA or TKA, what side of the bed do you stand on?
    The same side of the bed as the affected hip/ leg.
  33. Why are ice packs prescribed/ provided in PACU after a TKA?
    To decrease swelling at the surgical site
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