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  1. 3 Requirements for socialization
    • Social interaction
    • Language
    • Love and affection
  2. Cooley's Looking Glass-Process
    core of personality is concept of self-image, which we develop from the way others treat us.
  3. Mead's Role-Taking Process
    • "The I and the me"
    • Me= conforms social behavior
    • I= individualistic: spontaneous, creative, impulsive
  4. Harry Harlow
    • Maternal separation and social isolation among monkeys.
    • Monkeys prefered cloth over wire mother.
  5. Anna and Isabelle
    Isolated until 6
  6. Amala and Kamala
    Indian feral children raised by wolves
  7. Helen Keller
    Deaf and Blind
  8. Rene Spitz
    Did research on the effect on orphans who received little attention.
  9. socialization
    The process of interaction through which people learn what is necessary for social life
  10. conformity
    Going along with one's peers, individuals of a person's own status, who have no special right to direct that person's behavior.
  11. anomie
    Durkheim's term for the loss of direction felt in a society when social control of individual behavior has become ineffective.
  12. anticipatory socialization
    process by which an individual learns to assume a role in the future. e.g. playing house. As its later stages, individual becomes more practical and less idealistic
  13. Goffman and Dramaturgy
    the method of analyzing social interactions as if the participants were performing on a stage. We follow scripts we've heard before. we are different on and off the stage
  14. deviance
    an act considered by public consensu, or by the powerful, at a given time and place, to be a violation of some social rule
  15. anomie
    social condition in which norms are absent, weak, or in conflict
  16. Merton's Strain Theory
    Blames deviance on society's failure to provide all people with legitimate means to achieve success. Helps explain robbery, but not white-collar crimes.
  17. Hirschi's Control Theory
    • social control leads to conformity, lack of social control leads to deviance. 4 types of social bonds:
    • 1. attachment to conventional ppl and institutions (loving parents, making friends, enjoying school)
    • 2. Committment to conformity (getting education, finding business)
    • 3. Involvement in Conventional Activities (keep themselves busy)
    • 4. Belief in moral validity of social rules.
  18. Conflict Theory
    law enforcement favors the rich, oppresses the subordinate class into deviance, and spread ideologies that the lower class is crime prone and dangerous.
  19. Power Theory
    powerful are more likely to engage in profitable deviances because of a stronger deviant motivation, greater deviant opportunity, and weaker social control
  20. Sutherland's Differential Association Theory
    deviance is learned through interactions with other people. helps explain white collar crime
  21. Labeling Theory
    being labeled as deviant leads people to see themselves as deviant and live up to this self-image.
  22. Solomon Asch
    Three-line experiment on conformity. Nearly 1/3 students accepted majority's answer. groupthink
  23. Stanley Milgram
    Voltage experiment
  24. Definition of Family
    A group of people related by marriage, ancestry, or adoption who live together in a common household
  25. 5 Functions of the Family (Functional theory)
    • 1. sexual regulation
    • 2. reproduction
    • 3. socialization
    • 4. economic cooperation
    • 5. emotional security
  26. Social Diversity of Families
    Minorities in general emphasize kinship
  27. Divorce Rates
    Increased rapidly 50s-80s, but has declined slowly since.
  28. Single Parent families
    • sharp increase last 3 decades.
    • Also, number of single adults rising
  29. Crime rates for robbery, assault, burglary, etc.

    US vs. England
    England higher
  30. Rape, Murder

    US vs. England
    USA has highest rates for murder and rape in industrialized countries.
  31. Classic/Rational Choice Theory
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