Vocab 10/31

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  1. Hinder
    (Verb) To cause delay or interruption.
  2. Schadenfreude
    (Noun) Enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others
  3. Misogynistic
    (Adj) showing hatred, mistrust, or mistreatment to women
  4. Animadvert
    (Verb) To criticize negatively, comment unfavorably or critically; To take notice of.
  5. Bibliophile
    (Noun) a person who loves or collects books.
  6. Catachresis
    (Noun) Use of the wrong word for the context
  7. Rapscallion
    (Noun) a rascal, rogue or a scamp.
  8. Conundrum
    A riddle whose answer is or involves a pun; it may also be a paradox or difficult problem
  9. Deduction
    The process of moving from a general rule to a specific example
  10. Induction
    The process that moves from a given series of specifics to a generalization
  11. Inference
    a conclusion one can draw from the presented details
  12. Paradox
    • a statement that seems to contradict itself but that turns out to have a rational meaning, as in this quotation from Henry David Thoreau; “I never found
    • the companion that was so companionable as solitude.”
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