History of Internet

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History of Internet
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History of internet
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  1. The computer alone has very little to do with interpersonal human communication BUT...
    when when many are netowrked together they can mediate the communication that occurs between useres
  2. ARPA
    • Advaced Research Projects Agency
    • US response to fear of nuclear war
  3. ARPAs tasks?
    • Create communication system that could withstand a nuclear strike
    • Decentralized network of computers
    • 1919 first decenteralized computer network
    • Computer nodes at UCLA, USCB, Stanford, and University of Utah
    • Unstable software
  5. Where were the ARPANET computer nodes
    Computer nodes at UCLA, USCB, Stanford, and University of Utah
  6. TCP/IP
    • Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol
    • (Language spoken between computers)
  7. MILNET?
    Branched from ARPANET for military use
  8. HTML
    • (Hyper Text Mark up Language)
    • allows for display of hyper text doc
  9. HTTP
    • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
    • set of rules allow transer of HTML between computers
  10. The world wide web (www)
    Inernet = interconnected computer networks(hardware)
  11. First GUI web browser
    • Netscape navigator
    • Now owned by AOL
  12. How does web browsing work?
    • Your computer (the client) connects to another computer (the server) that contacts webpage data
    • client can also be server
  13. Dial up modem and high speed DSL both use
    telephone jack
  14. High speed cable uses
    coaxial cable
  15. How web browsing works
    • Your computer>Modem>ISP>DNS>Destination
    • (DNS not used on return)
  16. URL
    (Uniform Resource Locater)
  17. TLDs?
    more US being added
  18. Internet moving from HTML to?
  19. Extensible Markup Language
    • HTML: defines parameters of web content (font color, size, position)
    • XML: defines the FUNCTION of web content (Headline, blog post, comment)