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  1. What are the common causes of liver cirrhosis?
    • - Alcoholic abuse
    • - Hepatitis (esp. type-C and -B)
    • - Steatohepatitis
    • - Metabolic liver diseases (Wison's, hemochromotosis, a-1antitrypsin)
    • - Autoimmune hepatitis
    • - Primary biliary cirrhosis
    • - Primary sclerosing cholangitis
  2. This patient most likely suffer from:
    A. Hepatitis-C
    B. Steatohepatitis
    C. Budd Chiari
    D. PBC
    E. PSC
    Image Upload 1
    Answer: C. Image shows acute ischemic necrosis with centrolobular hemorrhage.
  3. What is the least likely cause for changes in this liver of a 44-year-old woman? - Steatohepatitis - Primary biliary cirrhosis - Drug toxicity - Autoimmune hepatitis - Hepatitis C - Wilson's diseaseImage Upload 2
    • Answer: Wilson's disease.
    • Note: Wilson's disease predominantly affects children.
  4. What histological change is most typical of primary sclerosing cholangitis?
    Answer: Inflammation and periductal fibrosis of large bile duct (see photo 1MB).Image Upload 3
  5. Changes shown on this radiograph is diagnostic of ___Image Upload 4.
    Answer: Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) characteristically show "beading" of large bile duct on ERCP.
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