English 11 Vocab 4.1

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  1. affable (adj.)
    courteous and pleasant, sociable, easy to speak to
  2. aggrandize (v.)
    to increase in greatness, power, or wealth; to build up or intensify; to make appear greater
  3. amorphous (adj.)
    without definite shape
  4. aura (n.)
    that which surrounds (as an atmosphere); a distinctive air or personal quality
  5. contraband (n.)
    illegal goods, smuggled items
  6. erudite (adj.)
    scholarly, bookish, learned
  7. gossamer (n. and adj.)
    thin, light, delicate material
  8. infer (v.)
    to draw a conclusion from what one hears
  9. inbscrutable (adj.)
    incapable of being understood; impossible to see through
  10. insular (adj.)
    isolated, situated on an island, narrow in experience
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