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  1. Creative Thinking
    Encouraging use of hunch, intuition, insight, and fantasy to promote creativity
  2. Brainstorming
    A procedure designed to tap members’ creativity by asking them to generate as many ideas as possible without evaluation. Explicitly suspends criticism
  3. Synectics
    A procedure designed to stimulate creative thinking by using metaphors and looking for similarities in different things. Works by attempting to make the familiar unfamiliar
  4. Mind Mapping
    A technique encouraging radiant thinking produced by free association. Seeks to avoid linear thinking
  5. Evidence
    Facts, data, opinions, and other information that back claim or conclusion
  6. Arguments
    Claims supported by evidence and reasoning
  7. Critical Thinking
    Systematic thinking using evidence, reasoning, and logic to promote soundness. Involves a concentrated effort to assess the value of ideas and conclusions by gathering relevant information, examining that information carefully, and judging the reasoning that supports the conclusions and decisions.
  8. Open-Minded
    Willing to consider new information and ideas, even if they contradict previous beliefs
  9. Probing Question
    Questions designed to help critical thinking by examining information and reasoning in more debt
  10. Facts
    Something that can be verified by observation and is not arguable
  11. Opinions
    Inference that go beyond facts and contain some degree of probability
  12. Ambiguous
    a term that has more than one possible meaning
  13. Fallacies
    mistakes in reasoning and faulty reasoning
  14. Overgeneralization
    A conclusion not supported by enough data
  15. Either-or Thinking
    Asking members to choose between only two options as if no other choice existed
  16. Analogies
    Comparisons that help clarify ideas and issues
  17. SYMLOG
    The System for the Multiple-level Observation of Groups, a theory and methodolgy that produces a diagram of relationshops among group members
  18. Devil's Advocate
    A group member who formally is expected to challenge ideas to foster critical thinking
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