special sences

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  1. sclera
    provide protection and helps maintain eyeball shape
  2. cornea
    allows light to enter the eye
  3. choroid
    nourishes posterior retina
  4. cillary body
    helps change shape of lens and foucusing
  5. iris
    contracts and dialates to let light in
  6. pupil
    allows ligh to hit the lens
  7. lens
    focus light rays onto retina
  8. anterior chamber
    nourishes lens and houses aqueus humor
  9. posterior chamber
    nourishes lens and houses aqueus humor
  10. posterior viterous cavity
    houses vitreous body
  11. vitreous body
    holds retina agaist choroid
  12. retina
    senses ight and creates electrical impulses that are sent through the optic nerve
  13. ora serrata
    transition to non photosensitive to complex
  14. macula lueta
    vision is especially sharp
  15. optic nerve
    connects the eye to the brain
  16. optic disk
    optic nerve enters ad exits the eyeball
  17. lacrimal gland
    produces lacrimal fluid to lubricate eyeball and eyelid
  18. conjunctiva
    covers and protects surface of eyeball
  19. auricle
    collects sound waves
  20. external auditory meatus
    directs soundwaves into ear canal
  21. tympanic membrane
    vibrates malleus from sound waves
  22. auditory tube
    equalizes air pressure
  23. auditory ossicles
    transmit and amplify vibrations
  24. malleus
    transmits vibrations from ear drum to incus
  25. incus
    transmits vibrations from malleus to stapes
  26. stapes
    transmits vibrations to the inner ear membrane
  27. vestibule
    connect the cochlea and semicircular canals
  28. utriculus
    equillibrium of the body
  29. sacculus
    equillibrium of the body
  30. semicircular canals
    help maintain balace
  31. cochlea
    transmit vibrations to spiral organ
  32. oval window
    entrance for vibrations
  33. round window
    dissipates pressure in the ear
  34. olfactory bulb
    recives imput from olfactory epithelium
  35. olfactory tract
    carries sensory info to the brain
  36. olfactory epithelium
    detects pheromones
  37. opening to auditory tube
    maintain equilibrium
  38. photoreceptors
    allow you to see color and black and white
  39. bipolar cells
    recieve info from receptors
  40. ganglion cells
    connect n relay signals to the optic neve
  41. scala vestibuli
    amplified sound waves are processed
  42. scala tympani
    recieve sound information
  43. tectorial membrane
    covers and protects the spiral organ of corti
  44. basilar membrane
    supports the spiral organ of corti
  45. hair cells
    convert vibrations into nerve impulses
  46. goblet cells
    secrete mucus
  47. papillae
    houses tast bud
  48. taste bud
    houses gustatory cells
  49. taste cells
    function as taste receptors
  50. pores and microvilli
    opening to recive chemicals through the saliva
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