Eriogonums of Lake Mead

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  1. Image Upload 1Image Upload 2-Ann.; Involucre unribbed, stalked
    -Leaves basal and glabrous to coarsely hairy or hairy in patches; Sometimes stem is inflated below nodes;
    -Inflorescence glabrous or glandular only at base or nodes
    -Erect, thread-like pedicles
    -Involucre teeth 4
    -Flowers yellow
    -Perianth densely and often coarsely hairy´╗┐´╗┐
    Eriogonum trichopes- Polygonaceae- Little desert trumpet
  2. Image Upload 3Image Upload 4-Ann.; Involucre unribbed, stalked
    -Lvs mostly basal, round-cordate to round-reniform, +/- tomentose on both sides
    -Perianth bases variablely lobed cordate, obtuse or truncate
    -Perianth minutely hairy
    Eriogonum thomasii- Polygonaceae- Thomas' buckwheat
  3. Image Upload 5Image Upload 6Inflor. axes glandular; Invol. stalks reflexed
    Eriogonum brachypodum- Polygonaceae- Parry's buckwheat
  4. Image Upload 7Image Upload 8Ann.; Inflor. glabrous to glaucous; Involuc.stalks reflexed; Involuc. glabrous 1-2mm; Perianth 1-2mm, White-Pinkish
    Eriogonum cernuum- Polygonaceae- Nodding buckwheat
  5. Image Upload 9Image Upload 10Ann.; Inflor glabrous; Invol. stalk absent, reflexed or rarely erect, Invol. 1-2mm; Lvs tomentose; Perianth 1-2mm, white to pinkish
    Eriogonum deflexum var. deflexum- Polygonaceae- Flatcrown buckwheat
  6. Image Upload 11Stem inflated below nodes; Invol. stalks absent or erect; Invol. 5 teeth; Perianth yellow;
    Eriogonum inflatum- Polygonaceae- Desert trumpet
  7. Image Upload 12Image Upload 13
    Lvs basal and cauline, tomentose; Involuc. stalk erect; Invol. 1-2mm, glandular; Perianth 1-2.5 mm; white, pink, or yellow, glandular
    Eriogonum maculatum- Polygonaceae- Spotted buckwheat
  8. Image Upload 14Ann.; Involuc. sessile; Perianth always yellow; Inflor. branches gen. curved inward
    Eriogonum nidularium- Polygonaceae- Birdnest buckwheat
  9. Image Upload 15Image Upload 16Invol. sessile; Perianth white-pink-pale yellow; Infl. branches gen. curved outward
    Eriogonum palmerianum- Polygonaceae- Palmer's buckwheat
  10. Taxonomy still in progress
    Eriogonum exaltatum- Polygonaceae- Ladder buckwheat
  11. Invol. stalks straight slender
    Eriogonum pusillum- Polygonaceae- Yellow turbans
  12. Invol. stalks straight slender
    Eriogonum reniforme- Polygonaceae- Kidneyleaf buckwheat
  13. UNK
    Eriogonum viscidulum- Polygonaceae- Clammy Buckwheat
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