English Vocabulary

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  1. adulterate
    v). make impure or inferior by adding something unnecessary or wrong.
  2. alleviate
    v). lighten or lessin; make more bearable
  3. allocate
    v). assign, allot
  4. allude
    v). refer to something indirectly.
  5. ardent
    adj). charcterized by warmth of passion, desire, or strong enthusiasm.
  6. augment
    v). make larger or greater.
  7. bellicose
    adj). warlike.
  8. belligerent
    abj). aggressively hostile.
  9. benevolent
    adj). acting with charity and good will.
  10. blithe
    adj). cheerful, carefree
  11. brandish
    v). display; wave menacingly
  12. buffet
    v). hit repeatedly
  13. capricious
    adj). impulsive and unpredictable
  14. chagrin
    n). embarrassment or humiliation
  15. commodious
    adj). spacious, roomy, large
  16. compatible
    adj). capable of working or dealing well with others.
  17. compunction
    n). uneasiness caused by guilt or remorse.
  18. conflagration
    n). a large disastrous fire
  19. contentious
    adj). likely to cause a heated argument.
  20. copious
    adj). abundant, ample, lots of something.
  21. craven
    adj). cowardly
  22. dearth
    n). scarcity, famine
  23. decrepit
    adj). weakened by age or illness; broken down.
  24. demise
    n). death
  25. deride
    v). ridicule, laugh at
  26. deviate
    v). move away from an accepted course or standard
  27. diffident
    adj). shy, lacking self- confidence
  28. discern
    v). perceive, detect, figure out
  29. duress
    n). compelled by threat and coercion
  30. endemic
    adj). prevalent in or peculiar to a particular locality or people
  31. equivocal
    adj). capable of having two imterpretations; questionable
  32. exhilarate
    v). make cheerful, invigorate
  33. explicate
    v). explain in detail
  34. extirpate
    v). destroy, exterminate
  35. exuberant
    adj). full of unrestrained high spirits
  36. fathom
    v). understand
  37. feasible
    adj). likely; reasonable
  38. fortitude
    n). mindset that allows one to face challenges with courage
  39. fracas
    n). brawl, fight
  40. garrulous
    adj). talkative
  41. homograph
    n). two words spelled the same but with different meanings.
  42. impervious
    adj). incapable of being penetrated.
  43. implacable
    adj). incapable of being persuaded.
  44. inclement
    adj). stormy; severe
  45. insidious
    adj). treacherous
  46. invoke
    v). ask for help or support
  47. loquacious
    adj). very talkative
  48. malevolent
    adj). acting with evil intent
  49. multifarious
    adj). having great variety; made up of many parts or kinds
  50. zealous
    adj). very enthusiastic
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