Hip and thigh

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  1. Inniminate
    Coxal bone
  2. Pubic Syphysis
    the cartligous structure between the pubic spines
  3. Acetabulum
    hole that the haed of femur goes into
  4. Obtuator foramen
    Hole on coxal bone
  5. Pubic Arch
    botom, between pubis ans ishiam
  6. Iliac crest
    top arc of coxal
  7. Anterior superior iliac spine
    upper part of the anterior spine( on the opposite side of the Ishchium
  8. Anterior Inferior iliac spine
    lower part of the aanterior spine, on the same side as the pubis
  9. Illiac fossa
    indented side opposite side to the ala.
  10. Posterior superior iliac spine
    above the greater siatic notch
  11. Posterior inferior ilac spine
    just above the greater siatic notch
  12. Greater siatic notch
    large notch just below the posterior inferior illac spine
  13. Body of illum
    opposite side of the acetabulum
  14. Aurucular surface
    bumpy surface on the same side ad the illiac fossa
  15. ala of the ilium
  16. Ischial spine
    small process making the lesser sciatic notch
  17. Ischial tuberosity
    sitting bone
  18. Inferior ramus of ischium
    inside the arc orn the Ischial side
  19. Lesser sciatic notch
    just below the ischial spine
  20. Body of ischium
    Inbetween the inferior ramus of ischium and the lesser sciatic notch
  21. Inferior ramus of pubis
    posterior to the Inferior ramus of the ischium
  22. Superior Ramus of Pubis
    upper arc of the pubis area
  23. Head of Femur
    rounded top
  24. Fovea capitis
    indent on the head
  25. Neck of the Femur
    small part below the head
  26. Greate Trochanter
    on the least round side on the top of the arc
  27. Intertrocantic line
    Dirrectly on the opposite side of the intertrochantic crest
  28. Intertrochantic crest
    profound lip right below the neck
  29. Lesser Trochanter
    bottom part if the arc of the intertrochantic crest
  30. Trochanteric fossa
    the valy before the intertrochantic crest
  31. linea aspera
    crest along the shaft of the femur
  32. addductor tubercle
    directly above the medial epicondyle
  33. Medial epicondyle of femur
    process on the medial side of the femur when the (same side as the head)
  34. Lateral epicondyle of the femur
    Process on the bottom lateral side of the femur(same side of the greater trochanter)
  35. Lateral Condyle Femur
    The process medial for to Lateral epicondyle
  36. Medial Condyle of the Femur
    The process lateral to the medial epicondyle
  37. Popiteal surface
    just above the intercondylar fossa
  38. Patellar surface
    on the bottom of the femur
  39. intercondylar fossa
    the space between the medial and lateral epicondyle
  40. Articular Surface
    smooth side of patella
  41. Base
    on the opposite side to the articualar surface of the patella, and the flatter top end
  42. Apex
    Pointy end of the the patella
  43. Psoas major
    comes out of the coxal and rund superiorly
  44. Iliacus
    covers the illiac
  45. Gluteus Maximus m.
  46. Gluteus medius m.
    below the gluetus maximus but one can still slighly see it superiorly to the gluteus maximus m.
  47. Piraformis m.
    small inter coxal m.medial to the gluteus medius
  48. Tensor Fasciae latae
    has lots of white with it aka it band. on lateral side of the leg
  49. Sartorius
    Longest m. in the body, goes diagnal across the leg
  50. Quadreceps Femoris m.
    • group of m. on the anterior thigh
    • Vicky the Raunchy Volumptious Viking
    • Vastus lateralis, Rectus Femoris, Vastus Medialis, Vastus intermedialis
  51. Vastus Lateralis
    The most lateral muscle on the anterior top of the the thigh part of the Quadreceps femoris m. group
  52. Rectus Femoris m.
    The middle muscle of the Quadriceps Femoris m. group
  53. Vastus Medialis m.
    The most medial of the Quadreceps Femoris m. group
  54. Vastus intermedialis m.
    Under the Rectus Femoris m.
  55. Pectineus m.
    small m. inferior to the iliacus m. and lateral to the adductor longus m.
  56. Adductor longus m.
    medial top the pectineus m. and lateral to the gracilis m.
  57. Gracilis m.
    medial to the adductor longus m. and to the Satorius m.
  58. Adductor Magnus m.
    Most medial of the the inner thigh m.
  59. Biceps Femoris m.
    Lateral side, with a long head and short head
  60. Semitendinalis m.
    medial to the biceps femoris m.
  61. Semimembranosus m.
    Medial to the adductor magnus m.
  62. Ischiofemoral l.
    most pronounced, connecting the Ischium to the Trochantic fossaof the femur.
  63. Iliofemoral l.
    connects the greater trochanter of the femur to the body of the illium
  64. Pubofemoral l.
    connects the spine of the pubis to the femur
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