Knee, Lower Leg, and Foot

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  1. Anterior Border
    Tibial border closest to the fibula
  2. Tibial Plateau
    flat part on top of the tibia
  3. Medial Condyle of tibia
    thick part on the top half of the tibia on the medial side
  4. Lateral Condyle of tibia
    Thick part on top half of tibia on the lateral side
  5. Intercondylar eminence
    pointy part on the top of the tibia, where the fibula connects
  6. Tibial Tuberosity
    process on the anterior side of tibia
  7. Medial mallecolus
    ankle bone on the bottom of the tibia
  8. proximal articular facet
    dirrectly below the lateral condyle of the femur
  9. Distal articular facet
    fibular notch, where the bottom of the fibula connects
  10. Head of fibula
    pointy top and had the rounded side to connect to the tibia
  11. Lateral malleous
    ankle bone on the fibula
  12. Calcaneous
    heel bone
  13. sustenetaculum tali
    looks like an underside cliff on the calcaneous
  14. Calcaneal tuberosity
    bottom of heel bone
  15. Talus
    Superior to the calcaneous
  16. Trochlea of the talus
    groove on the talus
  17. Navicular
    Medial and proximal to the cuboid
  18. Cuboid
    medial shaped like a cube
  19. lateral cuneiform
    lateral most of the 3 cuneiform
  20. Intermediate cuneiform
    middle of the cuneiform
  21. Medial Cuneiform
    medial most of the cuneiform
  22. Metatarsals (1-5)
    first of the foot long bones
  23. Phalanges (1-5)
    distal to the metatarsals. (proximal, middle, and distal)
  24. Metatarsophangeal joints (1-5)
    Metatarsal to phalanges
  25. Interphalangeal joint(1-5)
    just the big toe
  26. Proximal interphalangeal joints (2-5)
    proximal to middle phanages
  27. Distal interphalangeal joint (2-5)
    most distal joint
  28. Lateral Calcaneofibular l.
    lateraly connects the heel to the fibula, by the achiles tendon
  29. Medial Deltoind l.
    Arch support
  30. Lateral collateral l.
    LCL. lateral l. on the knee
  31. Medial collateral l.
    medial l. on the knee
  32. Anterior cruciate l.
    ACL attaches anteriorly partially covered by the PCL
  33. Posterior cruciate l.
    main attachment posteriorly
  34. Patellar l.
    covers the patella attaches on the tibial tuberosity
  35. Meniscus
    cushion for the knee. medial and lateral
  36. Quadricep tendon
    covers the patella and attaches on the femur
  37. Tibialis anterior m.
    attaches to the tibia and is on the medial side
  38. extensor hallicus longus m.
    under extensor digitorum longus m.
  39. extensor digitorum longus m.
    intermedial shin m.
  40. Fibularis brevis m.
    half covered by fiularis longus
  41. Fibularis longus m.
    medial m. of the shin and partly covering fibularis brevis m.
  42. Gastrocnemius m.
    calf m.
  43. achilles tendon
    tendon from gastrocnemius to calcaneus
  44. soleus m.
    under achilles tendon
  45. popliteus m.
    on back of knee
  46. Flexor hallicus longus m.
    under soleus, lateral
  47. flexor digitorum longus m.
    attaches to bottom of foot, medial to flexor hallicul longus
  48. Tibialis posterior m.
    intermedial to the flexor m.
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