endocrine system

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endocrine system
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midterm three

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  1. hypothalamus
    makes realising and inhibiting hormones
  2. anterior pitutiary gland
    secrete GH, TSH, PRL, MSH, ACTH, FSH, LH
  3. posterior pituitary
    secretes oxytocen and ADH
  4. acidophils
    • pituitary gland
    • sectete GH, BRL
  5. basophils
    secrete FSH and LH
  6. infundibulum
    attaches the pituitary to the brain
  7. thyroid gland
    • located in the neck below the larynx
    • high blood calcium- secrete CALCITONIN- bones- absorb calcium- making bones dense
    • low TSH- secretes T3, T4- all body tissue (except heart and brain)- increased metabolic rate
  8. follicular cells
    secrete t3 and t4
  9. parafollicular cells
    secrete calitonin
  10. thyroid follicle
    release t3 and t4
  11. thryoglobulin
    sectete TG
  12. parathyroid gland
    • located posterior thyroid
    • low blood calcium- secrete PTH- bones- relase calcium- high blood calcium
    • secrete PTH- kidneys- reabsorb calcium- high blood calcium
  13. chief cells
    • parathyroid gland
    • manufacture PTH
  14. adrenal capsule
    protects deeper levels from invasion
  15. adrenal medulla
    secretes epinephrene and norepinephren
  16. aderenal cortex
    secretes aldosterone, cordisol, DHEA
  17. pancreas
    • located in abdomen between stomach and small intestine
    • high blood glucose- INSULIN (beta cells)- fat, muscle, liver- absorb glucose- lower blood glucose
    • low blood glucose- GLUCAGON (alpha cells) -liver- breakdown of glucose- high blood glucose
  18. pancreatic islets
    glucose homeostasis
  19. pancreatic exocrine acini
    produce and transport enzymes
  20. testes
    • FSH- high sperm development
    • LH- testosterone- muscle skin larynx brain testicles- high muscle growth course hair and high libido
  21. ovaries
    • FSH- ova development and estrogen- breasts skin fat and brain- growth of glands- female characteristics
    • pregnancy- RELAXIN- connective tissue- relaxation of pubic symphisis
  22. thymus
    • located between heart and sternum
    • secretes THYMOSIN- t-lymphocytes- high immune system activity
  23. GH- Growth hormone
    increased rate of mitosis
  24. PRL- Prolactin
    lactation by stimulating mammary glands
  25. MSH- Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone
    increased melanin production
  26. TSH- Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
    stimulates thyroid gland, secrete T3, T4
  27. ACTH- adrenocorticotropic Hormone
    secretes cortisol under stress
  28. FSH- Follicle Stimulating Hormone
    • stimulates w- ova development and estrogen
    • m- sperm development
  29. LH- luteinizing Hormone
    • stimulates ovulation and progesterone and estrogen
    • m- testosterone
  30. adrenal gland
    • located retroperitoneal and superior to kidneys
    • stress- CORTISOL- liver fat immune system- fat protien and glucagon breakdown- high blood clucose
    • puberty- DHEA- brain skin- high libido browth of hair
    • low BP, low Na, high K- ALDOESTERONE- kidneys- high reabsorbtion of Na and water, excretion of k into urine- high BP high Na and low K
  31. Heart
    high bp- ANP- Kidneys- More Na and water in urine- low BP
  32. kidney
    anemia- ERYTHOPOETIN- red bone marrow- high red blood cells- low anemia
  33. stomach
    food in stomach- GASTRIN- stomach- high secretion of enzymes and high muscle contraction- food digested
  34. placenta
    fetus- HCG- ovaries- high secretion of PROGESTERONE and ESTROGEN- Menstration is suppressed