Defence Mechanisms

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  1. Denial
    unconscious refusal to admit an unacceptable idea or behavior

    Mr. Davis, who is alcohol-dependent, believes that he can control his drinking if he so desires
  2. Repression
    Unconscious and involuntary forgetting of painful ideas, events, and conflicts

    Ms. Young: a victum of incest, no longer remembers the reason she always hated the uncle who molested her
  3. Suppression
    Conscious exclusion from awareness anxiety-producing feelings, ideas, and situations

    Ms. Ames states to the nurse that she is not ready to talk about her recent divorce
  4. Rationalization
    Conscious or unconscious attempts to make or prove that one's feeling or behaviors are justifiable

    Mr. Jones, diagnosed with schizophrenia, states that he cannot got to work because his co-workers are mean, instead of admitting that his illness interferes with working
  5. Dissociation
    the unconscious separation of painful feelings and emotions from an unacceptable idea, situation, or object

    Ms. Adams recalls that when she was sexually molested as a child, she felt as if she were outside of her body watching what was happening without feeling anything
  6. Identification
    Conscious or unconscious attempt to model oneself after a respected person

    Ms. Kelly states to the nurse, When I get out of the hospital, I want to be a nurse just like you
  7. Introjection
    Unconsciously incorporating values and attitudes of others as if they were your own

    Without reolizing it , Mr. Chad wishes, talks, and acts similarly to his therapist, analysing other patients
  8. Compensation
    consciously covering up for a weakness by overemphasizing or making up desiable trait

    Mr.Hahn, who is depressed and unable to share his feelings with other patients writes and becomes known for his expressive poetry
  9. Sublimation
    consciously or unconsciously channeling instinctual drives into accptable activities

    Mr. Smith a former peretrator of incest who fears relapse, forms a local chapter of sex addicts anonymous
  10. Reaction formation
    conscious behavior that is the exact opposite

    Ms. Wren who unconsciously wishes her mother were dead, continuously tells staff that her mother is wonderful
  11. Undoing
    Consciously doing something to counteract or make up for a transgression or wrongdoing

    after accidentally eating another patient's cookies, Ms.Donnelly apologizes to the patient, cleans the refrigerator, and lables everyone's snack with their names
  12. displacement
    unconsciously discharding pent-up feelings to a less threatening object

    a husband comes home after a bad day at work and yells at his wife
  13. Projection
    unconsciously (or consciously) blaming someone else for one's diffculties or placing one's unethical desires on someone else

    an adolescent comes home late from a dance and states that her date would not bring her home on time
  14. conversion
    unconscious expression of intrapsychic conflict symbolically through physical symptoms

    a student awakens with a migraine headache the morning of a final examination and feels too ill to take the test. She does not realize that 2 hours of cramming left her unprepared
  15. Regression
    unconscious return to an earlier and more comfortable developmental level

    a 6-year old child has been wetting the bed at night since the birth of his baby sister
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