Communication skills

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  1. Giving information
    My purpose in offering this group experience is to:
  2. Seeking clarification
    Did you say you were upset with John because he said that
  3. Encouraging description and exploration (delving further into communication or experiences)
    How did you feel when Joann said that to you
  4. Presenting reality
    • would other members think Joann was unstable if they interviewed her for a job
    • or
    • You do not appear shaky to me
  5. seeking consensual validation (seeking mutual understanding of what is being communicated)
    Did I understand you to say that you feel better now than you did last week
  6. focusing (identifying a single topic to concentrate on)
    Could we identify one problem you have and talk more about that
  7. encouraging comparison (asking memebers to compare and contrast their experiences with others in the group)
    how did the rest of the group handle this problem
  8. Making observations
    • you look more comfortable now, John than you did at the beginning of the meeting
    • or
    • the group has been silent for the last 5 minutes
  9. Giving recognition or acknowledging
    John, you are new to the group perhaps we can introduce our selves
  10. accepting (not necessarly agreeing with but receiving communication with openness)
    yes I hear you say that you don't know if you want to be in the group or not
  11. encouraging evaluation (asking group as a whole or individual members to judge their experiences)
    • when Marilyn gives you support, do you feel better
    • how did we do in helping Joann with her problem
  12. Summarizing (encapsulating in a few sentences what has occurred)
    the group discussed several issues and problems today they were
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