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  1. AE (ship)
    Ammunition Ship

    They operate with replenishment groups to deliver ammunition and missiles to ships at sea. These ships handle all types of missiles. They carry two H-46 helicopters for vertical replenishment and support.
  2. AO/AOE
    Oilers/Oiler and Ammunition Support Ships

    • AO: These ships carry fuel, jet fuel, and other petroleum products. They operate with replenishment groups and deliver their cargo to ships at sea. They can service from both sides of the ship simultaneously.
    • AOE: The largest and most powerful auxiliary ship in the Navy. AOE ships carry missiles, fuel, ammunition and general cargo. They can also carry refrigerated cargo and supplies. They carry two H-46 helicopters for vertical replenishment and support.
  3. CG
    Guided Missile Cruiser

    These ships serve provide protection against surface and air attacks, and gunfire support for land operations. They have a large cruising range and are capable of speeds over 30 knots. Some cruisers are capable of conducting anti-air warfare, antisubmarine warfare, and anti-surface ship warfare at the same time. They carry a LAMPS Mk III SH-60B helicopter.
  4. CV/CVN
    Carrier/Nuclear Powered Carrier

    Carriers are designed to carry, launch, retrieve and handle combat aircraft quickly and efficiently. It can approach the enemy at high speed, launch planes, recover them, and retire before its position can be determined. Attack carriers are excellent long-range offensive weapons and are the center of the modern naval task force or task group.
  5. DD/DDG
    Destroyer/Guided Missile Destroyer

    Multipurpose ships used in any kind of naval operation. Fast ships with a large variety of armament and little or no armor. They depend on their speed and mobility for protection. They operate offensively and defensively against subs and surface ships. They can take defensive action against air assaults. They provide gunfire support for amphibious assaults. They can perform patrol, search and rescue missions, if needed. They can accommodate two SH-60B or 2 SH2G helicopters.
  6. FFG
    Guided Missile Frigates

    Frigates are used for open-ocean escort and patrol. They resemble destroyers in appearance, but are slower, have only a single screw, and carry less armament. They can carry two SH-60B helicopters.
  7. LCC
    Amphibious Command Ship

    Provides accommodations and command and communication facilities for various commanders and their staffs. They can serve as a command ship for an amphibious task force, landing force, and air support commanders during amphibious operations. They are the most modern and capable command facilities afloat.
  8. LHA
    Amphibious Assault Ship

    These ships are able to embark, deploy, and land a Marine battalion landing team by helicopters, landing craft, amphibious vehicles, and combinations of these methods. They are versatile and combine the same features of the Amphibious Assault ship (LPH), Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD), Amphibious Cargo Ship (LKA), and Dock Landing Ship (LSD) in a single ship.
  9. LHD
    Amphibious Warfare Ship

    They are designed based on that of an Amphibious Assault Ship, but are intended to be convertible from an Assault Ship to an Anti-submarine Warfare ship with Harrier fighters for ground assault.
  10. LPD
    Amphibious Transport Dock

    Combines the features of a Dock Landing Ship (LSD), with the features of an Amphibious Assault Ship (LPH). They can transport troops and equipment in the same ship. It has facilities for 8 helicopters.
  11. LPH
    Amphibious Assault Ship

    Designed to embark, transport, and land 1,800 troops and their equipment via transport helicopters in conjunction with a beach assault. They can also assist with antisubmarine warfare.
  12. LSD
    Dock Landing Ship

    Can transport and launch a variety of loaded amphibious craft and vehicles. Provides limited docking and repair services to small ships and craft and equipped to refuel helicopters. In order to launch craft, the LSD must have the well flooded for the craft to move out on their own power. It has one CH-53 helicopter landing spot.
  13. MCS
    Mine Countermeasures Support Ship

    There is only one of these in the naval inventory - the USS Inchon
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