Photosynthesis - Photosynthetic pigments

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  1. What are pigments?
    Pigments are chemicals which absorb light energy and convert it to chemical energy
  2. What are the four pigments found in leaves?
    • Chlorophyll a
    • Chlorophyll b
    • Xanthrophyll
    • Carotene
  3. What process can be used to seperate the pigments in a leaf?
  4. What is an action spectrum?
    An action spectrum charts the effectiveness of differemt wavelengths of light at bringing about the process of photosythesis
  5. What is an absorption spectrum?
    An absorption spectrum shows the amount of light absorbed by each pigment at different wavelengths
  6. In what colour regions do chlorophyll a and b absorb light in?
    Red and Blue
  7. In what colour regions do carotenoids (carotene and xanthrophyll) absorb light in?
    Blue and green
  8. What happens to the energy absorbed by the carotenoids?
    It is passed on to chlorophyll a and b
  9. Where are the photosynthetic pigments found in a chloroplast?
    In the grana of the chloroplast
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