Chem ch. 12

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  1. Alcohols
    Organic compounds that contain the hydroxyl (-OH) functional group attached to a carbon chain
  2. Aldehyde
    Orgnaic compund with a carbonyl functional group bounded to at least one hydrogen (-CHO)
  3. Carbonyl group
    functional group that contains a carbon-oxygen double bond (C=O)
  4. Chiral
    Having a nonsuperimposable mirror images
  5. Chiral Carbon
    Carbon atom that is bonded to four different atoms or groups
  6. Dehydration
    reaction that removes water from an alcohol, in the presence of an acid, to form alkenes
  7. Enantiomers
    Stereoisomers that are mirror images that cannot be superimposed
  8. Ether
    Organic compund in which an oxygen atom is bonded to a two alkyl or two aromatic groups or one of each
  9. oxidation
    Loss of two hydrogen atoma from a reactant to give a more oxidized compund
  10. Phenol
    organic compund that has a hydroxyl group attached to a benzene ring
  11. Primary Alcohol
    Alcohol that has one alkyl group bonded to the carbon atom with the -OH group
  12. Seconday Alcohol
    Alcohol that has 2 alkyl groups bonded to the carbon atom with the -OH group
  13. Tertiary Alcohol
    Alcohol that has 3 alkyl groups bonded to the carbon atom with the -OH group
  14. Thiols
    Organic compund that contains a -SH group
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