Module 6

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  1. Isotonic Fluids:
    similar osmolarity as normal blood serum. Therefore, when infused, isotoni solutions remain inside the blood vessels. Usefull for client with hypotension or hypovolemia. Clients with CHF should be monitored closely becuase they can get fluid ovrload.
  2. Hypotonic Fluids
    Lesser osmolariy than of a serum. Infused solutions pull body's fluid out of the intravascular compartment into interstitual fluid and into the cells.
  3. Hypertonic
    fluids pull body water into the intravascular compartment. Can help stabilize B/P, increase urine output, reduce edema.
  4. To Infiltrate
    in metal needles, the butefly needle is more likely to infilarate (damgae the vein and allow fluid to leak inot the interstitial spaces)than a plastic chatheter
  5. Indications for IV theraphy
    • Expand intravascular volume
    • Correct an underlying imblance in fluids or electrolytes
    • Compensae for an ongoing problem that is affecting either fluid or electroytes
  6. Signs ans symptroms of electrolyte imbalance
    • Anorexia, nause, vomiting
    • weakness,
    • lethargy
    • confusion
    • mucle cramps or twitching
    • seizures
    • thirst
    • Elevated temp
    • dry mouth
    • Halluciantesion, irritabilit, lethargy, Dysrhytmisa, paresthesia, Flaccid paralysis, intestinal colic, convousilsions, laryngeal spasms, constipation, kidney stones, bradycardia, mood changes,
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