Biology - Cell structure

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  1. Microscope
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  2. Ultrastructure
    The fine detail of a cell as seen with an electron microscope
  3. Parts of a cell (General)
    Cell Membrane: Made of phospholipids and proteins. Retain cell contents, controls what enters cells, recognises molecules & gives cell some support

    • Nucleus: control centre of the cell.
    • · Contains a double membrane with nuclear pores
    • · Contains DNA & a definite number of chromosomes depending on organism
    • · Genes randomly located on chromosomes & inform cell how to make certain proteins
    • · Chromatin: chromosomes when they are not dividing

    Nucleolus: Area in the nucleus where ribosomes are made

    Cytoplasm: Liquid that surrounds the nucleus. Organelles are suspended in it.

    Mitochondria: Supplies energy to the cell. Where respiration takes place. More mitochondria = more energy

    Ribosomes: Bead-like structures made of RNA & protein. They make protein by combining a sequence of amino acid
  4. Parts of a cell ( Plant only)
    Chloroplasts (Plants only): green structures in plants where photosynthesis takes place

    Cell Wall (Plants only): Made of cellulose, support & strengthen the cell.
  5. Ultrastructure of Animal Cell
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  6. Ultrastructure of Plant Cell
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  7. Types of Cell
    • Prokaryotic cell: do not have a nucleus or membrane enclosed organelle
    • Eg. Bacteria

    • Eukaryotic cell: Have a nucleus and cell organelles all of which are enclosed by cell mambranes
    • Eg. Plants & animals
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