CIVE1145 Term Definition - Irrigation (Exam)

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  1. density of soil solids (ρs)
    = mass of solids / volume of solids
  2. dry bulk density (ρb)
    = mass of solids / total volume
  3. total (wet) bulk density (ρt)
    = total mass / total volume
  4. soil moisture content (θm, mass wetness)
    = mass of water in soil / mass of solids in soil
  5. volumetric moisture content (θv)
    = volume of water/ total volume
  6. degree of saturation (se)
    = volume of water / volume of air and water
  7. porosity (n)
    = volume of air and water / total volume
  8. void ratio (e)
    = volume of air and water / volume of solids
  9. capillary rise (h)
    = 2σ / ρgr (σ = surface tension)
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CIVE1145 Term Definition - Irrigation (Exam)
CIVE1145 Term Definition - Irrigation (Exam)
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