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  1. Explain the purpose of the Aviation Life Support
    System (ALSS) rotatable pools.
    • The Aviation Life Support System (ALSS) provides a pool
    • of ALSS spare assemblies (parachutes, life rafts, SSK’s, life preservers,
    • survival radios, and miniature regulators) established by IMA’s ashore. The
    • spare ALSS assemblies are owned by the station/MALS Aviation Supply Officer;
    • inventoried, maintained, and stored by the local IMA. This material will be
    • maintained, in a rotatable ALSS pool located in 800 Division. IMA personnel
    • shall ensure all spare ALSS equipment is stored, RFI upon demand by O-level
    • activities, and on hand quantities match those on the activity’s supply record.
  2. State the purpose of an Aeronautical Equipment
    Service Record (AESR).
    • The Aeronautical Equipment Service Record (AESR), is a
    • loose-leaf record. It may stand alone or be inserted in the basic aircraft
    • logbook. It is used as a service record for various aircraft equipment, such as
    • power plants, propellers, engine test cells, MK-105 magnetic minesweeping gear,
    • and aeronautical expeditionary airfield and L-series lighting systems. The AESR
    • accompanies the equipment at all times. When equipment is installed as a part
    • of the aircraft, this record is maintained concurrently with, and becomes part,
    • of the aircraft logbook.
  3. Discuss the responsibilities of the Emergency Reclamation
    Team (ERT).
    • The Emergency Reclamation Team (ERT) provides
    • procedures/processes for emergency reclamation of aircraft, equipment,
    • components and support equipment. The Maintenance Officer (MO) is responsible
    • for developing local command procedures for emergency reclamation, assigning an
    • ERT Program Manager and EMT members. The ERT Program Manager conducts and
    • documents quarterly training and drills team members in emergency reclamation
    • actions.
  4. Discuss the basic purpose of Support Equipment
    • Support
    • Equipment is all equipment required on the ground to make an aeronautical
    • system operational in its intended environment. It provides a means to test,
    • troubleshoot, align and calibrate aircraft and aeronautical equipment. SE is
    • categorized as common (general purpose), peculiar (special purpose), avionics
    • and non-avionics. Test benches, run up stands, diagnostic equipment, PME and
    • equipment used to maintain aircraft are types of SE. The Aviation Maintenance
    • Material Readiness List (AMMRL) Program provides data required for effective
    • management of selective SE at all levels of aircraft maintenance.
  5. Discuss the
    basic function of the following Support Equipment (SE).

    Mobile Electronic Power Plant (MEPP)
    Aircraft Spotting Dolly
    Aircraft Tow Tractor
    • a) Mobile Electronic Power Plant (MEPP)-Provide ac and
    • dc electrical power for serviving,
    • starting, and maintenance of aircraft ashore or aboard ship. Some are diesel engine powered and some are
    • electrically (external) powered. Some
    • are vehicles which can be driven,
    • some are a walkbehind self-propelled, and some must
    • be towed or moved by hand.
    • b) Aircraft
    • spotting dolly- Designed to tow, turn, and position aircraft within the confines of a hanger deck (shipboard use
    • only).
    • c) Aircraft
    • tow tractor- Gasoline or diesel powered tractors used for towing and spotting aircraft ashore and aboard
    • ship. Some of the tractors are equipped
    • with a cab to protect the driver,
    • but most have an open driving position.
  6. Discuss the basic scope and categories of Aviation
    Weapons Support Equipment (AWSE)
    • Armament Weapons Support Equipment (AWSE) is
    • support equipment required on the ground. The AWSE is classified as either
    • common or peculiar and may be avionics or non-avionics. There are three
    • subcategories, armament support equipment (ASE), weapons support equipment
    • (WSE), and logistic support equipment (LSE). The ASE includes all equipment
    • whose primary function is to support the installed aircraft systems and is
    • primarily used by aircraft intermediate maintenance departments or squadrons.
    • This includes bomb hoist, weapons loaders, boresights and special tools to
    • repair bomb racks, guns and pods. The WSE includes all equipment whose primary
    • function is to support explosive ordnance components or weapons, such as
    • weapons skids, trailers, and hoisting beams. The LSE consist of equipment used
    • for packaging, bulk handling storage, or stowage and transportation of weapons
    • and weapons components. LSE consist of pallets, missile containers, transfer
    • dollies, C-grabs, bomb elevators and conveyors.
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