Latin Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

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  1. anthro
    "man" anthropoid; misanthrope
  2. belli
    "war" belligerent; ante-bellum
  3. brev
    "shorten" abbreviate; brief
  4. cred
    "believe" credit; credentials
  5. culpa
    "fault, blame" culprit; culpable
  6. derm
    "skin" dermatology, epidermis
  7. duc/duct
    "to lead, draw" duct, educate
  8. ego
    "i, self" egocentric; egomaniac
  9. fac
    "to make, do" artifact; factual
  10. jud/jur/jus
    "law, right" jury; justice
  11. luc/lum
    "light" lucid; luminary
  12. mega
    "large" megaherts; megadose
  13. ocu
    "eye" binoculars; ocular
  14. ortho
    "straight" orthodontist; orthopedic
  15. poly
    "many" polygon; polyatomic
  16. rect
    "load, straight" rectangle, rectify
  17. the/ theo
    "god" theology, monotheism
  18. urb
    "city" suburb; urban
  19. vac
    "empty" vacant; vacuum
  20. vir
    "manliness; worth" virtue; virtuous
  21. ante-
    "before" anterior; anteroom
  22. counter-
    "against" counteract; counterspy
  23. dys-
    "wrong, bad" dysfunctional; dyspepsia
  24. hyper-
    "over, above" hyperactive, hyperbole
  25. inter-
    "between, among" interject; international
  26. intra/intro-
    "within, into" intrastate; introspection
  27. micro-
    "small" microscopic, microsurgery
  28. pseudo-
    "false" pseudonym; pseudoscience
  29. trans-
    "across, beyond" transfrom, transmit, transcontinental
  30. -hood
    "state; quality" manhood, falsehood
  31. -ic
    "related to science" arithmetic, carbonic
  32. -ify/-if
    "cause to become" deify; specify
  33. -logy
    "study, expression" biology; dermatology
  34. -ure
    "process; function" erasure; legislature
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