11/1/11 Africa notes

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  1. What people group from present day Lebanon were big explorers?
    the Phoenicians
  2. What famous things in the bible came from the Phoenicians in Lebanon?
    • Cedars from Lebanon (for the palace and temple)
    • Purple die for royal things
  3. What area was the greatest for colonization from Lebanon?
  4. In the early days of Rome, who were their greatest rivals?
  5. What were the names of the wars fought between Rome and Carthage?
    The punic Wars
  6. Who was the leader of Carthage during the Punis Wars?
    General Hannibal
  7. What was a huge contribution that the Phoenicians made?
    They created the alphebet
  8. What was Israel's big contribution?
    morality and ethics through the Bible
  9. What is the study of Egypt called?
  10. What did they do with the empire when Alexander the Great died?
    his 3 generals broke it up into 3 parts
  11. What did the general who got Egypt want to know about it? and how is that still a contribution today?
    • He wanted a scribe to figure out the history of Egypt
    • Egyptologists still use this history today and it has proved to be very accurate
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