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  1. What is articular cartilage made out of?
    Chondrocytes, collagen fibers, and proteoglycans
  2. What are the functions of articular cartilage?
    • shock absorber
    • less friction movements
    • in growing kids--> causes growth in epiphyseal region
  3. What are chondrocytes? What do they do?
    • They are the cells that make up articular cartilage.
    • They synthsize and secrete extracellular matrix.
    • The matrix consists of type II fibers and ground substance (has various protiens)
  4. What are collagen fibers made out of ?
    • Type II fibers that make up matrix
    • They attract (imbibe) water
  5. What are proteoglycans?
    They are part of the ground substance. Firm consistency. Hyluranic acid core. Link proteins and glycosaminoglycans such as keratin sulfate. They attract water to give cartilage its stiffness
  6. Hyaline (articular) cartilage has 3 main characteristsics
    • avascular
    • aneural
    • dependent on diffusion from synovial fluid for nutrition: limits how thick it can be (nutrients can't get through a thick materia and thus it's thin). Joints need movement so there's a cylce of unloading and loading of fluid to wash over it (motion is lotion)
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