Cognitive Neuroscience

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  1. Memory
    our ability to take in, to keep and retain, and bring out
  2. memory trace
    storage/ consolidation
  3. anterograde amnesia
    inability to learn any new information
  4. retrograde anmnesia
    inability to remember pre-surgical information dating back to 3 years
  5. temporal gradient
    as you get farther away from the insident of hippocampal damage more and more info is recalled
  6. Huntington's Disease
    • genetric degenerative disease affecting basal ganglia
    • -explicit memory is fine but skill learning is impaired
    • -movements very smooth and fluid but they cannot control it
  7. striatum
  8. repetition priming
    primed with some info to do a task so when you have to do a tast it is the first thing that comes to mind
  9. conceptual priming is impaired in?
    • Alzheimer disease
    • - depends on temporal- parietal frontal cortx
  10. Apraxia
    • premotor/SMA/ Parietal cortical lessions
    • -inability to produce coordinated actions
  11. parllidotomy
    surgery that lession the glub pallides as it becomes over active thereby causing tremors
  12. deep brain stimulations (DBS)
    inhibit glubus pallidus by electribally stimulating subthalamic nucleus which inhibts globus pallides
  13. Hypermetria
    • cannot smoothly terminate movements (overshoot)
    • in cereballar lessioned patients
  14. parkinson's disease
    • loss of dopaminergic neurons in substantia nigra
    • -either shake alot (tremor)
    • -or too stiff
  15. phonology
    sounds of language
  16. mental lexicon
    • everything that goes with how we comprehend a word
    • -semantic. syntactic, word form
  17. semantic priming effect
    facillitation of word recognition due to semantic association
  18. othography
    visual form of language
  19. anomia
    inability to produce the label of a word
  20. garden path sentences
    initially led to one interpreation but by the end of the sentence, you have to change it
  21. syntactic positive shift
    positive peak 600 ms after synatic violation
  22. prosody
    • intonation, rhythm of language
    • -represented in right hemisphere
    • -emotion detecton is in right hemisphere while verbal detection is in left
  23. brocas aphasia
    deficit in language production
  24. wernicke's aphasia
    deficit in language comprehension
  25. alexia
    inability to read
  26. agraphia
    • inability to write
    • -angular gyrus damage
  27. corpus collosum
    band of fibers that connects the 2 hemispheres
  28. homotopic
    same region on one side is conneted to twin on other side
  29. hetrotopic
    region on one side is connected to a different region on the other side
  30. ipsilateral
    fibers from one hemisphere go to regions in same hemisphere
  31. roger sperry
    split brain
  32. categorical representation
    • abstract
    • -left hemishsphere
  33. coordinate representation
    • specific
    • -right hemisphere
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