Social Psychology 4

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  1. Conformity
    A change in behavior or belief to accord with others
  2. Obedience
    acting in accord with a direct order
  3. Persuasion
    The process by which a message induces change in bliefs, attitudes, or behaviors
  4. Peripheral Route to Persuasion
    Occurs when people are influenced by incidental cues, such as a speaker's attractiveness
  5. Credibility
    Believability. A credible communicator is perceived as both experts and trustworthy
  6. Sleeper Effect
    A delayed impact of message that occurs when an initially discounted message becomes effective, as we remember the message but forget the reason for discounting
  7. attractiveness
    Having qualities that appeal to an audience. An appealing communicator (often someone similar to the audience) is most persuasive on matters of subjective preference
  8. cult (also called new religious movement)
    A group typically characterized by (1) distinctive rituals and beliefs related to its devotion to a god or a person, (2) isolation from the surrounding "evil" culture, and (3) a charismatic leader
  9. attitude inoculation
    Exposing people to weak attacks on their attitudes so that when stronger attacks come, they will have refutations available
  10. co-actors
    Co-participants working individually on a noncompetitive activity
  11. social facilitation
    (1) Original meaning: the tendency of people to perform simple or well-learned tasks better when others are present. (2) Current meaning: the strengthening of dominant (prevalent, likely) responses in the presence of others
  12. evaluation apprehension
    Concern for how others are evaluating us
  13. Social loafing
    The tendency for people to exert less effort when they pool their efforts toward a common goal than when they are individually accountable
  14. free riders
    People who benefit from the group but give little in return
  15. central route to persuasion
    Occurs when interested people focus on the arguments and respond with favorable thoughts
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