Soc Psych 6

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  1. ethnocentric
    Believing in superiority of one's own ethnic and cultural group, and having a corresponding disdain for all other groups
  2. realistic group confict theory
    The theory that prejudice arises from competition between groups for scarce resources
  3. social identity
    The "we" aspect of our self-concept; the part of our answer to "Who am I?" that comes from our group memberships
  4. ingroup
    "Us"- a group of people who share a sense of belonging, a feeling of common identity
  5. outgroup
    "Them"- a group that people perceive as distinctively different from or apart from their ingroup
  6. ingroup bias
    The tendency to favor one's own group
  7. terror management
    According to "terror management theory," people's self-protective emotional cognitive responses (including adhering more strongly to their cultural worldviews and prejudices) when confronted with reminders of their mortality
  8. outgroup homogenity effect
    Perception of outgroup members as more similar to one another than are ingroup members. Thus, "they are alike" we are diverse.
  9. own-race bias
    The tendency for people to more accurately recognize faces of their own race (also called cross-race effect or other-race effect)
  10. just-world phenomenon
    the tendency of people to believe that the world is just and that people therefore get what they deserve and deserve what they get
  11. subtyping
    Accommodating individuals who deviate from one's stereotype by thinking of them as "exceptions to rule"
  12. subgrouping
    Accommodating individuals who deviate from one's stereotype by forming a new stereotype about this subset of the group
  13. stereotype threat
    A disruptive concern, when facing a negative stereotype, that one will be evaluated based on a negative seteotype. Unlike self-fulfilling prophecies that hammer one's reputation into one's self-concept, stereotype threat situations have immediate effects.
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