Ch7 memory

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  1. Sensory Memory
    holds sensory information long enough for us to attend to it
  2. Iconic Memory
    • visual sensory memory
    • lasts less than a second
    • Chnage blindness
  3. Echoic memory
    • Auditory sensory memory
    • lasts a few second
    • cocktail party effect
  4. Short Term memory (working memory)
    • short duration and small capacity
    • 7 +/- 2 Pieces of information
  5. Attention
    transfers information from sensory memory to short term memory
  6. Area of consciousness
    • Has 3 separate divisions:
    • phonological loop
    • Visuo-Spacial Sketchpad
    • Central execution
  7. Phonological loop
    auditory STM
  8. Visuo Spacial Sketchpad
    Visual STM
  9. Central executive
    coordinates the minds activity and brings new information
  10. Rehersals
    maintains information in STM
  11. Decay
    fade away
  12. interferance
    loss of information due to competition with other information
  13. retroactive interferance
    new information inhibits old information
  14. proactive interference
    old information inhibits new information
  15. Chunking
    Combining bits of information into meaningful groups
  16. maintainace rehersal
    repeating information to keep it in the STM
  17. elaborative rehersal
    linking information in a meaningful way to improve STM
  18. Levels of processing model
    • The more deeply we process information, the better we remember it
    • Semantic processing is best
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