Physics A2 Level

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  1. Characteristics of Simple Harmonic Motion
    • oscillating motion in which the acceleration is directly proportional to displacement from the midpoint and is always in the opposite direction to the displacement
    • always a restoring force- pull or push object towards the midpoint
  2. Equations
    • a = - (2 πf)2 s
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  3. Displacement Graph
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    • cosine wave
    • maximum value is the amplitude
    • velocity is the gradient
  4. Velocity Graph
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    • acceleration is the gradient
  5. Acceleration Graph
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  6. Mass-spring System
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    • adding extra masses- frequency is reduced (inertia increases)
    • weaker springs/more joing together at ends- frequency is reduced
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  7. Simple Pendulum
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  8. Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy
    • PE- gravitational for pendulums, elastic for springs
    • Towards midpoint: work done, PE transferred to KE
    • Away from midpoint: KE transferred back to PE
    • Midpoint: PE=0, KE is maximum
    • Maximum displacement: KE=0, PE is maximum
    • Total Energy=PE+KE
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