Operations Systems

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  1. State the service that the Meteorology and
    • office
    • provides for flight operations. - The METOC office provides all weather data
    • for take off, landing, over the target, and bingo field weather. This includes:
    • Ceilings
    • Surface Winds
    • Turbulence
    • Icing
    • Visibility
    • Flight level winds
    • Water survivability time
    • Thunderstorm forecast
    • Fog/Haze
    • Precipitation forecast
    • Altimeter Settings
    • Pressure Altitude
    • Density Altitude
  2. Amphibious Air Traffic Control Center(AATCC).


    positions manned during flight operations.

    Briefly discuss how an air plan is developed.
    • AATCC
    • - To provide the safe expeditious flow of air traffic to and from ship and
    • shore in an Amphibious Objective Area(AOA).
    • b. Identify positions manned during flight
    • operations. - Approach Control, Marshall Control, Assault Control, Departure
    • Control, Final Control.
    • c. Briefly discuss how an air plan is developed.
    • - Air Boss, ACE, PHIBRON, Air OPS, TACRON, and SAR personnel meet to plan what
    • all has to be accomplished for the following day and prioritize it to fit it
    • into the plan.
  3. Discuss the function of the Combat Information
    • Directs
    • the offensive and defensive capabilities of the ship and all aircraft assigned
    • to them.
  4. Discuss the responsibilities of the Tactical Air
    Control Center(TACC)
    • responsible
    • for the tactical mission of all fixed wing aircraft during close air support
    • and tanking operations.
  5. State the duties of the Combat Cargo
    • Ensure
    • that the equipment and logistic needs of the marines are met.
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