BIOL 223 Chapter 12-1

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  1. List the two funtional divisions of neurons.
    • afferent
    • efferent
  2. The afferent division carries what type of information?
    sensory information from receptors
  3. The efferent division carries what type of information?
    motor information to effectors
  4. List the two major anatomical divisions of the nervous system.
    • central nervous system
    • peripheral nervous system
  5. The CNS consists of what two major organs.
    • brain
    • spinal cord
  6. Which part of the nervous system handles information processing and higher order functions?
    the CNS
  7. Define Peripheral Nervous System.
    everything outside the brain and spinal cord
  8. Lis the three subdivisions of the PNS discussed in class.
    • somatic nervous system
    • autonomic nervous system
    • enteric nervous system
  9. What do somatic sensory receptors monitor?
    tactile information such as touch, pain, temperature, pressure, and vibration
  10. Do somatic nerves monitor special senses?
    yes, through special sense receptors
  11. Somatic sensory neurons will carry information from _______ to the _______.
    receptors, CNS
  12. Where will somatic motor neurons send commands to?
    peripheral effectors, usually skeletal muscle
  13. What is monitored by autonomic sensory receptors?
    function of organ systems
  14. List three examples of functions monitored by the autonomic nervous system.
    • blood pressure
    • heart rate
    • pH
  15. Autonomic sensory neurons transmit information about organ systems to the:
    central nervous system (CNS)
  16. What structures are controlled by autonomic motor neurons?
    • smooth muscle
    • cardiac muscle
    • glands
  17. Where will visceral motor neurons send commands to?
    effectors in the visceral organ systems
  18. What does the enteric nervous system (ENS) control?
    digestion, through intitiation of enteric motor neurons
  19. What structures control the ENS?
    • smooth muscle
    • digestive glands
  20. True or False: Enteric sensory neurons can send information to the brain or transmit directly to local motor neurons.
  21. If enteric sensory data is sent directly to the brain, the response will likely be _______ in nature.
  22. If enteric sensory data goes directly to enteric motor neurons, the response will likely be:
  23. What structural part of the neuron brings information into the neuron?
  24. The information processing center of the neuron is referred to as the:
    soma, or cell body
  25. Where in the neuron is the local potential produced?
    the axon hillock
  26. What structural part of a neuron carries information towards the postsynaptic cell/membrane?
  27. Branches of an axon, which terminate as synaptic terminals or knobs, are known as:
  28. True or False: Cell metabolic functions occur in the axon.
    False - cell metabolic functions occur in the cell body, or soma.
  29. If the local potential in the axon hillock reaches threshold an _______ _______ results.
    action potential
  30. The tiny subdivisions of dendrites are known as:
    dendritic branches
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