Evolution Unit Test

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  1. What are the tenets of Natural Selection?
    • fittness (or differential survival and reproduciton)
    • competition
    • variation
    • overproduction
  2. What is Darwanian Revolution?
    Darwins revolutionary ideas that organisms evolved due to descent with modification
  3. Who was Lyell?
    • The leading geologist of Darwins tim
    • thought of uniformitariansim: the same geologic processes are operating today as in the past, at the same rate.
    • ---> This idea helped Darwin realized that the Earth must be much older than thought
    • ---> Also helped Darwin think that similarly slow and subtile processes could act on living organisms as well however, darwin was not the first to apply the theory of gradualism to bioligical evolution however.
  4. Who was Hutton?
    • Ecologist that proposed that earths geologic features could be explained by gradual mechanisms currently operating in the world
    • --->ex: balleys were formed by rivers wearing through rocs and that sedimentaryrocks containting marine fossils were ormed from particles that had eroded from the land and been carried by rivers to the sea
  5. Who was Georges Curvier?
    • developed palientology, the study of fossils.
    • examined rock layers in the region around paris, noted that the deeper the strata, the more dissimilar the fossils are from current life, inferred that extinctions must have been a common occurnce.
    • proposed catastrophism: each boundary between strata of fossils represents a catastrophe, such as flood or drought that destroyed many of the species living at the time
  6. What did lamarks theory of evolution include?
    • use and disuse: used parts, stronger and bigger
    • inheritance of acquired characteristiscs: characteristics gained during life can be passed on
  7. What are homologous structures?
    structures that have the same bone structure and appearance, but not neccessarily the same function. the more similiar looking, the more closely related the species are.
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