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  1. What is Hydrologic Cycle?
    The system of moving water at the Earth's surface. Participation-runoff-infiltration-evaporation and transpiration.
  2. What is Runoff?
    Water that flows over the land surface.
  3. What is Sheetwash?
    Runoff water moving in unconfined thin sheets of layers.
  4. What is Groundwater?
    The water that les beneath the ground surface, filling the cracks, crevices, and pore space of rocks.
  5. What is Stream?
    The flow of water within a channel.
  6. What is Tributary stream?
    A small stream flowing into a large stream, adding water to the large stream.
  7. What is Pemanent stream?
    A stream that flows continously the enitire year.
  8. What is Divide?
    A ridge seperating two adjacent drainage basins.
  9. What is Drainage pattern?
    The arrangement in map view of a river and its tributaries.
  10. What is Dendric?
    A stream pattern that resembles the branches of a tree.
  11. What is Rectanguler?
    A stream pattern that intersects at right angles.
  12. What is Trellis?
    A stream apttern that resembles a garden trellis.
  13. What is Radial?
    A stream pattern that flows outward from a cone-shaped hill.
  14. What is Internal?
    A stream pattern that flows inward to an enclosed basin.
  15. What is Laminer work?
    Water particles more in straight parallel lines.
  16. What is Turbulent flows?
    Water particle movement is very irregular with a series of swirls.
  17. What is Mechanical wear?
    The grinding away of rock.
  18. What is Chemical wear?
    The process by which rocks are dissolved by water.
  19. What is Hydraulic action?
    The ability of the water to pick up and move rock and sediment.
  20. What is Solution?
    Dissolved material within a stream (e.g., Ions).
  21. What is Suspension?
    The material carried or suspended within a stream.
  22. What is Traction?
    The sliding, rolling, and dragging of sediments alon ga stream bottom.
  23. What is Saltation?
    Movement of sediments in a stream. (E.g., a series of short leaps or bounces).
  24. What is Gradiant?
    The slope of the stream measures in feet or miles increases a gradient of higher stream volocity.
  25. What is Volume of water?
    Increase water volume of higher stream volocity.
  26. What is Quantity of sediment?
    Increase sediment of lower stream volocity.
  27. What is Channel slope?
    Semi-circular-shape (less friction) of higher stream velocity.
  28. What is Channel roughness?
    A smootg channel of higher stream velocity.
  29. What is Load?
    The actual amount of material being transported by a stream.
  30. What is capacity?
    Total amount of material being transported by a stream.
  31. What is Competency?
    The largest diameter particle a stream can transport.
  32. What is Discharge?
    The quantity of water in a stream that passes a given point in a given unit of time (Q=VA 9cuft/sec).
  33. What is Base level?
    The lowest level which a stream can erase.
  34. What is Graded stream?
    A stream in equilibruim between erosion and deposition.
  35. What is Valley?
    A tough with sloping sides, cut into the land by a stream.
  36. What is Plundge pool?
    A depression formed at the base of a waterfall.
  37. What is Potholes?
    Circuler depression in a stream bed caused by grinding action of pebbles swirled by the current.
  38. What is Peneplain?
    A nearly flat erosionl surface that is close to base level.
  39. What is Monadock?
    A isolated, resistant hill that stands above a Peneplain.
  40. What is Floodpain?
    A broad, flat area on either side of a stream, that becomes covered with water during a flood.
  41. What is Natural levees?
    Low embarkments of flood deposits along both sides of a stream.
  42. What is Bars?
    A ridge of sediment deposited in a stream. (e.g. sand and gravel)
  43. What is Deltas?
    deposits formed formed when a stream enters a standing body of water. (main streams branches out into smaller streams)
  44. What is Topset?
    Gentle seaward sloping sediments along the top of the delta (partly subaerial).
  45. What is Forrest Beds?
    Inclined sediment layers along the front of the delta.
  46. What is Bottomset beds?
    Layers of the fine grained sediment located beyond the advancing edge of the delta.
  47. What is Alluvian fan?
    A fanshaoed stream deposit at the base of a mountian.
  48. What is Bajada?
    Coalescing alluvinal fans.
  49. What is Braided stream?
    A stream consisting of numerous interwining channels.
  50. What is Meander?
    A sinous or snake-like curve along the course of a stream.
  51. What is Incised mender?
    A meander that is bieng cut vertically downward.
  52. What is Cutback?
    Outside edge of a meander (i.e., area of erosion).
  53. What is Pointbar?
    Inside portion of a meander (i.e., area of deposition).
  54. What is Oxbow lake?
    A crescent-shaped lake occupying an abandon meander.
  55. What is a Meander cutoff?
    A new, shorter channel where the meander has been severed from the main stream.
  56. What is Streamterrance?
    A step-like surface found above a stream and floodpain.
  57. What is Lateral erosion?
    Erosion and undermining along the banks of a stream.
  58. What is Headward erosion?
    The extension of a valley in a uphill direction due to erosion.
  59. What is Stream Piracy?
    The diversion of the headwaters of one stream into another headword erosion.
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