Africa notes 11/02/11

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  1. What country is the pivotal point between the Middle East and Africa?
  2. What is the name of the Egyptian writings?
  3. What did hirtoglyphics evolve from?
  4. what are pictographs?
    early Egyptian writing by way of pictures
  5. What are hieroglyphics?
    early Egyptian writings that were symbols
  6. How did Napolean and Europe decipher the Rosetta stone?
    • It had the same story written in old greek, new greek, and hieroglyphics
    • they knew greek so they figured it out
  7. What "document" did they use to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphics?
    The Rosetta Stone
  8. What is a sign that the pyramids are really old?
    they were around for hundreds of years before the Egyptians even were at the height of their power in 1500 BC
  9. What are the 4 significant contributions of Egypt?
    • writings
    • shipping
    • religion
    • explorers
  10. What was the evidence that the Egyptians could have crossed the Atlantic thousands of years before anyone else?
    a man rebuilt a boat that he had seen on a wall draw by Egyptians and he took it across the Atlantic
  11. Where did the Persian empire stretch from?
    India all the way to Egypt
  12. Why was Alexander the Great's land not considered an empire by Dr. Jenkinson?
    He only reigned for 11 years and died at age 33 years
  13. What were the contributions of the Persians?
    • famous builders
    • established a civil service to manage the country
    • they had one kind of monetary service
    • the created the original pony express
  14. How many capitals did Persia have and when did the King visit them?
    they had 4 capitals and he spent 3 months at each capital before moving to the next
  15. What is Persia now?
    modern day Iran
  16. What is characteristic of the religions of the Middle East?
    they are typically monnotheistic
  17. what have historians claimed as a factor for why the Middle East was monotheistic in religion for the most part?
    a desert environment tended to produce monotheistic religions because they usuallu had one leader to rule them so they stuck with one god as well
  18. What country suprisingly became monotheistic at one point in their history?
  19. What is the theory for why Egypt became monotheistic at a point in their history?
    that the period was either during or after the exodus with Moses
  20. What are the big religions of the Middle East
    • Judaism
    • Zoroastrianism
    • Islam
  21. What is the holy book for the Jews?
    the Pentateuch or the OT
  22. What was Zoroastrianism based on?
    the teachings of Zoroaster from Persia
  23. What is the holy book for Zoroastrianism?
  24. What do Zoroastrians claim about the Avesta?
    that the Jewish people stole ideas from the Avesta to write the bible
  25. Who wrote a book about the Persian diplomat?
    Gore Bigol
  26. What 6 prominent leaders did the Persian diplomat talk to?
    • Socrates
    • Daniel
    • Zoroaster
    • Buddha
    • COnsucious
    • Laozi
    • Muhammad
  27. more murders occur in what situation than any other in America?
    the family
  28. Who does Islam consider the forefather of their religion?
  29. What sin did the Muslims fall into?
  30. What is one of Islam's most sacred places?
  31. What is Islam's cubical house of worship called?
  32. When was the ka'aba desescrated?
    600 AD
  33. How many different religions were present in the ka'aba before it was desecrated?
    up to 360
  34. Who was Muhammad married to?
    an older woman who was in charge of a caravan
  35. How many daughters did Muhammad have?
  36. What angel visited Muhammad in the cave?
  37. Who were the couple people that Muhammad was able to convert?
    • his wife
    • Abu Bakr
  38. When does Muhammad flee to Medina?
    622 AD
  39. What is significant about 622 AD?
    • it was the date of Muhammad fleeing to Medina
    • it is the start of the Islamic calendar?
  40. how long does he stay in Medina?
    10-11 years
  41. Why does Abu Bakr have to write down what Gabriel says to Muhammad?
    cause Muhammad is illiterate
  42. What does Muhammad do when he goes back to Mecca with his army?
    • he purges ka'aba of the other gods
    • rebuilds a temple around ka'aba
  43. what are the 3 universal religions of the world?
    • Christianity
    • Islam
    • Buddhism
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