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  1. clutched
    held close
  2. dense
    made of a lot of things or people close together
  3. rationing
    limiting the amount of something used
  4. neglected
    not payed enough attention to
  5. astronomical
    an extremely large amount
  6. furiously
    done with a lot of uncontrolled energy or anger
  7. blush
    turn red in the face
  8. inching
    moving very slowly
  9. wince
    to suddenly change the expression on your face when you see or remember something painful or embarrassing
  10. frequently
  11. monitor
    to carefully watch, listen to, or examine something over time
  12. particular
    the thing or person you are talking about, and not any other
  13. urgency
    needing to be dealt with immediately
  14. positioned
  15. lethargically
    very slowly, tiredly
  16. persistent
    continuing without giving up
  17. peering
  18. wearily
    in a tired manner
  19. unveiled
  20. dumfounded
    so surprised that you cannot speak
  21. mutely
  22. bewildered
    very confused
  23. distant
    far away
  24. disobedience
    deliberately not doing what you are told to do by someone in authority
  25. inaccessable
    difficult or impossible to reach
  26. glowered
    to look at someone in an angry way
  27. merged
  28. miscalculated
    figured wrong
  29. disgruntled
  30. meticulous
    very careful about details
  31. exasperation
    feeling very annoyed by someone who is continuing to do something that upsets you
  32. restrain
    to hold back
  33. advantage
    something that helps you to be better or more successful than others
  34. tidbit
    a small piece of interesting information
  35. looming
    a large unclear threatening shape
  36. enormous
    very large
  37. banter
    friendly conversation with many jokes in it
  38. negotiate
    to discuss something in order to reach an agreement
  39. harsh
    unkind, cruel, or strict
  40. halfhearted
    doing something without really trying or wanting to be successful
  41. distribute
    to give something to each person in a group
  42. occasional
    happening sometimes, but not often
  43. roam
    to walk or travel for a long time with no clear perpose
  44. indifferent
    no interested in someone or something, or not having any feelings or opinions about him or her
  45. ration
    a limited amount of something
  46. haggle
    to argue about the amount of money you will pay for something
  47. predators
    animals that kill and eat other animals
  48. scrounge
    to search for something such as food or supplies
  49. deteriorate
    to become worse
  50. elaborate
    to give more details about something you have said or written
  51. incoherent
    not clear and hard to understand
  52. misjudge
    to form a wrong or unfair opinion about a person or situation
  53. irritate
    to make someone angry or annoyed
  54. underrated
    better than people think
  55. significant
    noticeable or important
  56. various
    several different
  57. preoccupied
    thinking or worrying about something a lot, so that you do not pay attention to other things
  58. desirable
    worth having or doing because it is useful, popular, or good
  59. privilege
    a special advantage that is given only to some people
  60. conceal
    to hide something carefully
  61. contender
    someone who is involved in a competition
  62. approach
    a way of doing something or dealig with a problem

    the act of coming closer
  63. destination
    the place that someone or something is going to
  64. wholehearted
    involving all your feelings, interest, etc.
  65. ordeal
    a very bad experience that continues for a long time
  66. siblings
    brothers and sisters
  67. initial
    happening at the beginning
  68. perimeter
    the border around an area or shape
  69. meticulous
    very careful about details and always trying to do things correctly
  70. coax
    to persuade someone to do something by talking gently and kindly
  71. obliged
    to feel that it is your duty to do something
  72. essential
    important and necessary
  73. humor
    to do what someone wants so s/he will not become angry or upset
  74. rodents
    one of a small group of small animals with long sharp teeth, such as rats or rabbits
  75. intersperse
    to mix something together with something else
  76. resemble
    to look like or be similar to someone or something
  77. hamper
    to make someone have difficulty moving, doing something, or achieving something
  78. stalemate
    a situation in which neither side can win
  79. climax
    the most important or exciting things that come near the end of a story or experience
  80. indication
    a sign that something exists or is likely to be true
  81. revoke
    to officially state that a law, decision, etc. is no longer effective
  82. keen
    very interested in something or eager to do it

    an extremely good ability to do something

    intelligent and quick to understand things
  83. berserk
    to become very angry and violent in a crazy way
  84. periodically
    happening again and again, usually at regular times
  85. gruesome
    very unpleasant to look at, usually involving death or injury
  86. confine
    to keep someone or something in place
  87. rapport
    friendly agreement and understanding between people
  88. residential
    an area that has private houses, with no offices or businesses
  89. dormant
    not active now, but able to be active at a later time
  90. twilight
    the time between day and night when the sky starts to become dark, or the pale light at this time
  91. century
  92. caress
    to gently touch or kiss someone in a way that shows you love him/her
  93. gnaw
    to keep biting something
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