Lit Vocab 5

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  1. cajole
    v to persuade by pleasant words or false promises
  2. callous
    adj unfeeling; insensitive
  3. capitulate
    v. to surrender; to cease resisting
  4. capricious
    adj changeable; fickle
  5. carping
    adj complaining
  6. catalyst
    n. someone or something that brings about a change
  7. catharsis
    n an emotional purification or relief
  8. caustic
    adj. stinging, biting
  9. celestial
    adj. having to do with the heavens; divine
  10. censure
    v. to blame; to criticized adversley
  11. benign
    kind, benevolent
  12. repose
    rest, relax
  13. virulence
    infectious, poisonous
  14. profligate
    wasteful or immoral
  15. parsimonious
    thrifty, cheap
  16. amiable
    social, friendly
  17. thwart
    prevent from happening
  18. imperious
    dominoring, controlling
  19. egalitarian
    equality for all people, classles (society)
  20. timorous
    fearful, timid
  21. pejorative
    belittling, derogitory
  22. ambiguous
    mean more than one thing, open for interpitation
  23. derivative
  24. convoluted
    complicated, abstract
  25. unadorned
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