chapter 14

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  1. what is fossil for
    evidence of past life
  2. Nicholas Steno
    • fossil had been living organisms
    • developed principle of original horizontality, superposition and lateral continuity
  3. James Hutton
    • father of geologic time
    • started idea of rock cycle
    • made principle of uniformitarianism
  4. Charles Lyell
    • father of modern geology
    • developed principle of cross cutting relationship and inclusions
    • revolutionism of people understanding the earth
  5. Charles Darwin
    • studied lyell
    • wrote book about natural selection
    • theory of evolution
  6. explain natural selection
    • some organism better suited then others
    • proper adaptation will survive
  7. what are fossils
    remains of animals and plants or traces of their presence
  8. what is fosilization
    process that turns a once living thing into a fossil
  9. what is usually preserved for fossils
    shell teeth and bone
  10. how are fossils preserved
    • replacement
    • formation of mold or cast
  11. what influences the evolution of life
    mass extinctions
  12. what is the calender of events in earths history
    geologic time scale
  13. hadean eon
    • began 4.6 bya and ended 3.8 bya
    • iron catastrophe- heavier elements to core, lighter to outside
    • eventual cooling
    • earliest crust and oceans
  14. how long did the achean and proterozoic eons last
    3.8 bya to 542 million years ago
  15. achean eon
    • atmosphere noxious
    • continental craton form( craton most ancient rocks)
    • first life appears
    • photosynthesis triggered
  16. proterozoic eon
    • continents develop
    • mountain building
    • oxygen rich atmosphere
    • first diversification of soft bodied organisms
  17. phanerozoic eon
    • 542-present
    • right now
    • complex life evolves
    • major mountain building events
    • pangea breaks up into modern continents
  18. in which area did complex life emerge and the cntinents were re organized
    paleozoic era
  19. what happened in mesazoic era
    biological diversity increased and continents reorganized
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