INT PHYS EXAM2 practice exam questions

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  1. Destruction of the _______ will leave activity rhythms intact but eliminate melatonin rhythms
    suprachiasmatic nucleus
  2. The _____ evolved from the parietal eye
    pineal gland
  3. The duration of ____________release corresponds to night length
    • melatonin
    • (light inhibits melatonin release)
  4. The retinal signal is transmitted to the pineal gland via ____________
    the spinal cord
  5. Administering testosterone to a female fetus during the critical phase of sexual differentiation would cause the _________ ducts to degenerate
  6. Estradiol concentrations _____ prior to the LH surge
  7. If a cow has a growth on the left side of her endometrium, what hormone is not being made causing a persistent CL?
    Prosaglandin F2alpha
  8. What does atrial natriuetic peptide do?
    inhibits sodium reabsorption
  9. If a person has lost a significant amount of blood, vasopressin will _______ (incr/decr)
    • Increase
    • VP=ADH
  10. __________ are synthesized in the zona glomerulosa
  11. T/F - Testosterone and cortisol are synthesized in both sexes
  12. _______ is synthesized in the zona fascicula
  13. _______ is the precursor of all steroid synthesis
  14. Deficiency of CYP21 leads to ____________
    congenital adrenal hyperplasia
  15. The uptake of iodide from the circulation involves ________
    the NA-I symporter
  16. Which is released in greater amounts, tri-iodothyronine or thyroxine?
  17. Follicular cells pinocytose _____ from the follicular lumen
  18. The rate of thyroid hormone synthesis is dependent on the rate of _____________ production within the follicular cells
    hydrogen peroxide
  19. Parafollicular thyroid cells make the hormone _______
  20. Cortisol is made in the ___________
    zona fascicula
  21. Glucocorticoids are made in the _____________
    zona glomerulosa
  22. What 3 plasma proteins transport thyroid hormone?
    • Globulin ~ 70%
    • Transthyretin ~ 25%
    • Albumin ~ 5%
  23. _________________ cells make calcitonin
    Parafollicular thyroid cells
  24. In Graves' disease, plasma TSH concentrations are usually _________
  25. In Graves' disease, plasma T4 concentrations are __________
  26. In Graves' disease, antibodies capable of stimulating ________ are present
    thyroid tissue
  27. In Graves' disease, thyroid _________ my be seen
  28. A person with Graves' disease is usually _______ of heat
  29. African-Americans have seen a rise in Ricketts manly due to __________ and _________
    lactose intolerance and the inability to make sufficient Vitamin D
  30. T/F - this test will be easy
    true? hopefully
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