paramedic plants

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  1. conventional drugs
    • specific active ingredient is purified from a plant or fungus or synthesized in a laboratory and concentrated into pill, capsule or injectable form
    • have been tested in clinical trials and shown to be safe and effective
  2. herbal supplements
    • plants, algae, fungi and combinations of these are used as a tea, extract, or ground into powder and sold in capsule form
    • contain complex mixtures of different unpurified plant molecules
    • contain several compounds
    • don't have to be tested in clinical trials
  3. describe the lack of consistency in herbal supplements
    • many are contaminated with dangerous heavy metals or bacteria
    • amount of active ingredient commonly varies from pill to pill and bottle to bottle
  4. FDA and herbal supplements
    • companies can apply to FDA to market the supplement almost like a pharmaceutical drug
    • requires clinical trial data
    • requires proven consistency in quality and quantity from batch to batch
    • this process is not mandatory
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