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  1. Where is the Congo River?
    Goes through Congo and the Northern portion of The Congo Basin
  2. Where is Mt. Kilimanjaro?
    In Tanzania near the coast
  3. Where is the “backbone mountain range?”
    Africa does not have one
  4. Where is Victoria Falls?
    Border of Zambia, and Zimbabwe
  5. Where is Lake Victoria?
    Middle of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda
  6. Where is Cape of Good Hope?
    The Southern-most tip of Africa
  7. Where is the Horn of Africa?
    The pointed coast area of Somalia
  8. What is the capital of Nigeria?
  9. What is the capital of South Africa?
  10. What is the capital of Ethiopia?
    Abbis Ababa
  11. What is the capital of Uganda?
  12. What is the capital of Kenya?
  13. What is the capital of Tanzania?
  14. What is the capital of Zimbabwe?
  15. What is the capital of Rwanda?
  16. Where are the Atlas Mtns?
    Northern Africa on the coast near Spain
  17. Where is the Sahara Desert?
    All of Northern Africa
  18. Where is the Nile River?
    Goes through Egypt
  19. Where is the Jordan River?
    Eastern border of Israel
  20. Where is the Tigris River?
    East of Baghdad (In Iraq)
  21. Where is the Euphrates River?
    West of Baghdad (In Iraq)
  22. Where is the Red Sea?
    Between North Africa and Saudi Arabia (Southwest Asia/Middle East)
  23. Where is the Persian Gulf?
    Between Saudi Arabia and Iran
  24. Where is the Dead Sea?
    Borders Jordan on the East and Israel on the West (dumps into Red Sea)
  25. Where is the Negev Desert?
    Central Israel
  26. Where is Sudan?
    West of Ethiopia and the Red Sea
  27. What is the capital of (South) Sudan?
  28. Where is Darfur?
    Western border of Sudan
  29. Where is Turkey?
    South of the Black Sea
  30. What is the capital of Turkey?
  31. What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?
  32. What are the European Colonial Objectives? (4)
    -A port along the West African coast, -A water route to South Asia and Southeast Asia, -Resources and slaves (1500's), -Mineral resources and markets (1850s)
  33. What was Belgium's role in colonialism?
    -King Leopold II gains Congo, -Signed "agreements" with chiefs, -Took hostages and money to enforce quotas of rubber, -King had a private army in the region to enforce his policies, -led to first major 20th cent. "human rights" movement, -8-10 mill dead, Congo still feels effects
  34. Where was direct rule colonialism happening?
    France and Germany
  35. In direct rule colonialism, who ruled?
    Imported nationals to rule
  36. How did direct rule colonialism affect Africa(ns)?
    Made them "French-like," ex: language, food, etc., and assimilated them and became part of "Greater France"
  37. What affects did indirect rule have on the British?
    Used local language, created "states," used locals to establish if possible, and defeated most popular ruler but kept his system
  38. What affect did colonialism policies have on Portugal?
    "Exploitation:" first to enslave and colonize, one of the last to grant independence, maintained rigid control, raw resource oriented
  39. How has colonialism affected religion in Islam?
    Becomes suppressed so it becomes "rebellious" against the Europeans
  40. How has colonialism affected religion in West and South Africa?
    Christianity still growing w/more "home grown" versions
  41. What affect did nationalism have?
    Pan-African view (result of colonialism), created nations out of previously "disorganized" lands
  42. What is the Pan-African view?
    Result of colonialism, a movement that seeks to unify all African people into one African community
  43. What are the great diseases of Africa?
    Malaria, yellow fever, AIDS, river blinds, sleeping sickness, bilharzia
  44. What is an endemic?
    within a population (ex: chickenpox)
  45. What is an epidemic?
    sudden outbreak at local, regional scale
  46. What is a pandemic?
    Worldwide spread
  47. What is the dominant language in 16 States of the realm?
  48. What is oil's impact?
    Standard of living, Modernization, Regional disparities, Foreign investment, Political upheaval and strategic importance
  49. What makes Israel different?
    Modern day Israel is a state that was created and and set up by Europe and given to the Jews.
  50. Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
    Israel isn't considered a legit state by the Middle East which causes conflict, The Palestinians held the territory (modern Israel) prior to it being given to the Israelis so they weren't and still are not happy about it so there is constant fighting. Key issues are: mutual recognition, borders, security, water rights, control of Jerusalem, Israeli settlements, Palestinian freedom of movement and legalities concerning refugees
  51. Struggle for Jerusalem?
    Jerusalem is a holy city that is important to both judaism (old capital, 1st & 2nd temples) and islam (Muhammad ascends into Heaven), so both the Israelis and the Palestinians REALLY want control of it.
  52. What is the Fertile Crescent?
    Nicknamed the "Cradle of Civilization:" region containing the comparatively moist and fertile land of otherwise arid and semi-arid Western Asia; includes: Mesopotamia, the land around the Tigris and Euphrates River, the major nation is Iraq, & portions of Iran
  53. 6 day war?
    (1967) Israel gains: Arab-Israeli conflict
  54. Islam?
    Islam = “submission to God,” Civil war between Muhammad’s descendants (Shi’ites) and the Umayyads (Sunnis), Shi’ites eventually win and move capital to Baghdad, while Sunnis settle in Damascus, muhammad is way to Allah, works based, and the Five Pillars
  55. Muslim?
    Muslim = “one who surrenders,” muslim sources: Q'uran and Hadith or Sunnah
  56. What are the occupied territories of Israel?
    Golan Heights, West Bank, Gaza Strip
  57. Zionism?
    Pogroms, Theodor Herzl,homeland
  58. Balfour Declaration?
    Immigration to Palestine
  59. War of Independence?
    (1948) Israel seizes more land
  60. Armistice?
    (1949) 900,000 Palestinian "Refugees"
  61. UN Partition Plan?
    Jewish and Arab, Economic union, British leave in 1948, Israel as a State (May 14, 1948)
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