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  1. ´╗┐Diagnosis by asking two components :
    • 1. How did main complaint arise?
    • 2. Identify the prevailing patterns by using the appropriate method of pattern ID.
  2. Procedure for interrogation:
    • 1. Main complaint differentiation
    • 2. Information to confirm or exclude presenting pattern
    • 3. Organize the presenting symptoms and signs into patterns
    • 4. Exclude or confirm presence of other patterns that may stem from existing one
  3. Qi stagnation:
    Distension, bloating more than pain, or distending pain, no fixed location- coming and going
  4. Blood stasis:
    Severe, boring or stabbing pain with fixed location
  5. Liver yang rising:
    Chronic headahces with distending throbbing pain
  6. Cold:
    Stomach, intestines, uterus
  7. Damp Heat :
    Burning pain with feeling of fullness and heaviness
  8. External Wind :
    Occipital headaches and stiffness
  9. External Dampness:
    Pain in the joints or epigastrim
  10. Retention of food:
    Intense pain with feeling of fullness
  11. Phlegm:
    Does not usually cause pain but it may do so especially in the joints (rheumatoid arthritis)
  12. Condition relieved by eating:
  13. Condition aggravated by eating:
  14. Lack of appetite:
    SP Qi deficiency
  15. Excessive hunger:
    ST Heat
  16. Feeling of fullness:
    Dampness or retention of food
  17. Bitter taste- constant:
    Full Heat in Liver
  18. Bitter taste in morning; insomnia:
    Full Heat in Heart
  19. Lack of taste sensation:
    SP and ST deficiency
  20. Sour vomit:
    Invasion of Stomach by LV
  21. Bitter vomit:
    LV or GB Heat
  22. Clear watery vomit:
    Cold in ST
  23. Vomit soon after eating:
    Heat in ST
  24. Vomit with sudden loud noise:
  25. Slow in coming vomit with weak noise:
  26. Aggravation of a condition with bowel movement:
    Empty pattern
  27. Amelioration of a condition after bowel movement:
    Full pattern
  28. Acute constipation with thirst and dry yellow Tongue Coating:
    Heat in ST and intestines
  29. Constipation in old people or women after child birth:
    Blood deficiency
  30. Constipation with small, dry, bitty stools like goat stools:
    LV Qi stagnation
  31. Alternation of constipation and diarrhea:
    Stagnant Liver Qi invading SP
  32. Chronic loose stools:
    SP or KD Yang deficiency
  33. Chronic diarrhea every day every early in AM (cock crow):
    KD Yang deficiency
  34. Loose stools with undigested food:
    SP Qi deficiency
  35. Diarrhea with mucus in the stools:
    Dampness in intestines
  36. Diarrhea with mucus and blood in the stools; blood comes first with splashing:
    Damp Heat in intestines
  37. Burning sensation in the anus while passing stools; foul smelling stools:
  38. Borborygmi with loose stools:
    Spleen deficiency
  39. Borborygmi with abdominal distention and without loose stools:
    Liver Qi stagnation
  40. Enuresis or incontinece of urine:
    KD deficiency
  41. Pain before urination:
    Stagnation of Qi in lower burner
  42. Pain during urination:
    Damp Heat in bladder
  43. Pain after urination:
    Qi deficiency
  44. Pale urine:
    Cold pattern, usually BL and KD
  45. Dark urine:
    Heat pattern
  46. Turbid or cloudy urine:
    Dampness in the bladder
  47. Thirst with no desire to drink:
    Damp Heat
  48. Desire to drink cold liquids:
  49. Desire to drink warm liquids:
  50. Chronic tiredness, desire to lie down, poor appetite, loose stools:
    SP Qi deficiency
  51. Chronic tiredness, weak voice, propensity to catch cold:
    LU Qi deficiency
  52. Chronic tiredness, backache, lassitude, a feeling of cold, depression, frequent urination:
    KD Yang deficiency
  53. Chronic tiredness, feeling of heaviness of the body, muzziness:
    Retention of Dampness
  54. Chronic tiredness, anxiety, tenseness, wiry pulse:
    LV Qi stagnation
  55. Recent onset short duration headache:
    Headache from Exterior attack of Wind-Cold
  56. Headache with gradual onset, in attacks:
    Interior pattern
  57. Headache with heavy feeling:
    Dampness or Phlegm
  58. Headache with pain inside the head hurting the brain:
    KD deficiency
  59. Headache with distending throbbing:
    LV Yang rising
  60. Headache with boring like a nail to a small point:
    Blood stasis
  61. Headache with feeling of muzziness, heaviness:
  62. Headache with aversion to Wind or Cold:
    Exterior pattern
  63. Headache with aggravated by Cold:
    Cold pattern
  64. Headache with aggravation by Heat:
    Heat pattern
  65. Headache with aggravation by fatigue:
    Qi deficiency
  66. Headache aggravated by emotional stress:
    LV Yang Rising
  67. Headache aggravated by sexual activity:
    KD deficiency
  68. Dizziness with throbbing headache:
    LV Yang rising
  69. Slight dizziness aggravated when tired:
    Blood deficiency
  70. Facial pain, acute onset, severe pain of cheeks or jaw, face feels hot, sore throat, headache, aversion to cold, fever:
    Invasion of Wind Heat
  71. Facial pain with acute onset, spastic pain of cheeks and jaw, sneezing, aversion to cold, runny nose; dorsum of hands hot: :
    Invasion of Wind Cold
  72. Bleeding gums, tiredness, poor appetite loose stools:
    SP Qi deficiency, SP not holding blood
  73. Inflamed bleeding gums, feeling of heat, thirst:
    ST Full Heat
  74. Ulcers on tip of the tongue:
    HT-fire or Heart Empty Heat
  75. Pain in whole body, sudden onset with aversion to cold, and fever:
    Exterior Wind invasion
  76. Pain in whole body with ache all over, feeling of tiredness:
    Qi and Blood Deficiency
  77. Dull pain in women after child birth:
    Blood deficiency
  78. Continuous backache till better with rest:
    KD deficiency
  79. Backache with recent onset, severe and with stiffness:
    Sprain of back causing Blood Stasis
  80. Boring pain with inability to turn at the waist:
    Stasis of Blood
  81. Stabbing pain in the HT:
    Stasis of Blood in HT
  82. Pain accompanied by cough with profuse yellow mucus:
    LU Heat
  83. Feeling of oppression in chest:
    Phlegm in LU, severe LR Qi stagnation
  84. Feeling of distention in hypochondium:
    LV Qi stagnation
  85. Dull pain alleviated by eating:
    Empty type
  86. Severe pain aggravated by eating:
    Full type
  87. Pain relieved by bowel movement:
    Full in nature
  88. Pain aggravated by bowel movement:
    Empty in nature
  89. More tingling than numbness, especially in women:
    Blood deficiency
  90. More numbness, often unilateral especially in elderly:
  91. Cold hands with palpitations and dizziness:
    HT Blood deficiency
  92. Cold fingers and toes:
    LV Qi stagnation
  93. Very restless sleep with feeling of heat, agitation and excessive dreaming:
    Full type, LV patterns cause more severe restlessness than HT patterns
  94. Difficulty falling asleep:
    Blood deficiency of Heart, Spleen or Liver
  95. Waking up many times during the night:
    Deficiency of Yin (may be Heart, Liver or Kidney)
  96. Insomnia, waking up frequently during the night with excessive dreams, sweating and palpitations:
    HT and KD Yin deficiency with Empty Heat
  97. Dream distrubed sleep:
    Liver fire or Heart fire
  98. Sleepiness after eating:
    Spleen Qi deficiency
  99. Sweating on plams, soles, and chest:
    Yin deficiency (5 Palm Sweat)
  100. Sweat in day time:
    Yang deficiency
  101. Sweat in night time:
    Yin deficiency (in some cases it may also be from Damp Heat)
  102. Tinnitis sudden onset:
    Full condition from LV fire, LV yang rising, LV Wind
  103. Tinnitis gradual onset:
    Empty condition, usually Kidney deficiency
  104. Loud high pitched noise like a whistle:
    LV Yang, LV fire, LV Wind rising
  105. Low pitched noise like a rushing water:
    Kidney deficiency
  106. Pain, swelling and redness of eye:
    Invasion of the eye channel by Exterior Wind Heat or Interior LV fire
  107. Blurred vision and floaters:
    LV blood, LV Yin or Kidney Yin deficiency
  108. Dry eyes:
    LV Kidney Yin deficiency
  109. Lower abdomen feels cold:
    Full Cold in the uterus
  110. Cold, sweaty hands:
    Yin deficiency of HT or LU
  111. Cold in limbs and abdomen:
    SP Yang ST Yang deficiency
  112. Cold legs, knees, feet, back:
    KD Yang deficiency
  113. Cold hands, and feet and especially the fingers:
    Qi stagnation
  114. Feeling of heat in the afternoon:
    Empty Heat
  115. Low grade fever getting worse in the afternoon or only occuring in the afternoon:
    Yin deficiency
  116. Impotence, feeling cold, backache, weak knees, dizziness, tinnitus, poor memory, abundant clear urine:
    KD Yang deficiency
  117. Impotence, heaviness in the scrotum, urethral discharge, sticky yellow tongue coating:
    Damp Heat in the LV channel
  118. Lack of libido:
    Deficiency of Qi or Yang of the KD
  119. Lack of libido or inability to reach orgasm (Women):
    KD or HT Qi Deficiency or KD Yang and Minister Fire
  120. Excessive sexual desire:
    Fire from the LR or HT and Empty Heat deriving from KD Yin deficiency
  121. Headache soon after orgasm:
    Rebelloius Qi of the penetrating vessel or HT fire
  122. Periods always early:
    Heat in the blood or Qi deficiency
  123. Periods always late:
    Blood deficiency or stagnation of blood or cold
  124. Periods irregular:
    Stagnation of LR Qi or LR Blood or SP deficiency
  125. Heavy blood loss:
    Heat in the blood or Qi deficiency
  126. Scanty periods:
    Blood deficiency, stagnation of blood or cold
  127. Dark red or bright red blood:
    Heat in the blood
  128. Pale blood:
    Blood deficiency
  129. Purple or blackish blood:
    Stasis of blood or cold
  130. Fresh red blood:
    Empty Heat from Yin deficiency
  131. Congealed blood with clots:
    Stasis of blood or cold
  132. Pain before periods:
    Stagnation of Qi or blood
  133. Pain during the periods:
    Blood Heat, stagnation of cold, Blood Stasis
  134. Pain after periods:
    Blood deficiency
  135. White discharge:
    Cold from SP or KD Yang deficiency, Exterior Cold Damp, stagnation of LR Qi
  136. Yellow discharge:
    Heat, usually Damp Heat in lower burner
  137. Greenish discharge:
    Damp Heat in the LR channel
  138. Red and white discharge:
    Damp Heat with blood
  139. Infertility:
    Blood or Kidney Essence deficiency, Damp Heat in the lower burner, Blood Stasis in the uterus
  140. Vomiting during pregnancy:
    Stomach and penetrating vessel deficiency
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