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  1. Structural classification of the joints
    Structural classification names and divides joints according to how the bones are connected to each other. There are three structural classifications of joints
  2. three structural classifications of joints
    fibrous joint - joined by dense irregular connective tissue that is rich in collagen fibers cartilaginous joint - joined by cartilage synovial joint - not directly joined - the bones have a synovial cavity and are united by the dense irregular connective tissue that forms the articular capsule that is normally associated with accessory ligaments.
  3. Functional classification
    Joints can also be classified functionally, by the degree of mobility they allow
  4. three functional classifications of joints
    synarthrosis - permits little or no mobility. Most synarthrosis joints are fibrous joints (e.g., skull sutures).amphiarthrosis - permits slight mobility. Most amphiarthrosis joints are cartilaginous joints (e.g., vertebrae).diarthrosis - permits a variety of movements. All diarthrosis joints are synovial joints
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