Sociology ch6

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  1. What is Social Control?
    The regulation of human behavior in any social group.
  2. What are Positive/Negative Social Sanctions?
    • The consequense of an action
    • Positive: rewards
    • Negative: punishment
  3. What are the 2 sides of Social Control?
    • Positive: Life, efficiancy
    • Negative: People with power can abuse the power
  4. What is My Lai Massacre?
    Over 300 people were killed becasue of abusing power (illigal power)
  5. What is Ideological (indirect) Social Control?
    The efforts by social organizations to control memers by controlling their minds. Societys accomplish this, typically, through the socialization process
  6. What is Direct Social Control?
    Agents of society giving people positive and negative sanctions for their behavior
  7. Explain William Chambliss "Saints and Roughnecks"
    • He wanted to observe social control in high school and he found 2 groups or people.
    • Saints: good students, good grades, very involved
    • Roughnecks: bad kids, trouble makers, not involved, didn't dress right, skiped school
    • His explination for treatment was that the roughnecks were more visible to people becasue they were in groups and the saints were more hidden and alone
  8. Explain social control from the Order Perspective
    • Members of a social organization share many value, norms and beliefs
    • Pre-Modern: societys social control happens becasue of shared religious athourity
    • Modern Societies citizens accept the legal order for the common good.
  9. Explain social contol from the Conflict Perspective
    Social control is the result of government force or teh threat of force, economic dominants using the law, the media, or other institutions to hold power over the relatively powerless
  10. What is Parenti's media and social control?
    He says that media shapes how we evaluate ourselves and other people.
  11. What are some Agents of Ideological Social Control?
    • Family: parents teach their children attitudes, values, behavior
    • Education: behavioral standards of teh community for speech dress and demeanor
    • Religion: reinforces status quo
    • Sport: reinforce conforming attitudes and behaviors
  12. What is Obedience?
    Following Laws, rules, regulations... ect. (more formal then Conformity)
  13. What is Conformity?
    Following the folkways that are informal rules. (ex. eating candy with silverwear)
  14. What is Stanley Milgrams basic conclusion about socialization and social control in American society?
    Americans are oversocialized not to challenge behavior that has it's origins in authority
  15. What is Piven and Clowards claim regarding welfare expenditures?
    Public assistance programs serve a social control function in times of mass unemployment by defusing social unrest. (crime, riots, looting, and social movements want to change social and economical arrangements)
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